A New Way Forward for Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing and Educational Outcomes?


Dr Cathy Betoin

Sophie, Robin’s mum, approaches her school with a concern about Robin’s behaviour at home.
+ there are frequent tantrums, poor sleep and she is worried someone is going to get hurt.
+ Few issues are seen at school
So school feels it is not their concern or responsibility
+ School advises that Sophie goes to the GP.

+ GP explains Robin’s challenging behaviour is not thei…

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About Dr Cathy Betoin and Adult-Child Relationship Health


Welcome to my blog!    I am just in the process of moving it over here from another site.

My name is Dr Cathy Betoin. I am a clinical psychologist , an experienced teacher and a parent myself.

What do you do when something doesn't exist?   Something that seems should be there but isn't?

There is an awkward process of trying to put thoughts into words - of arranging and rearranging ideas.

It is a rather messy process but there are markers on the way.  Ah ha moments.  

In the early days this w…

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Intent, implementation, impact - How I Matter Training can help support you with the new Ofsted Framework


​What exactly are you going to focus on teaching in your school?
How are you going to ensure consistent implementation?
How are you going to demonstrate impact?

We have a package designed to introduce a different perspective on school priorities and we are putting it forward as there is an elephant in the room when it comes to schools practice and improving outcomes - infact maybe there are two or even three elephants. 

I drew the I Matter Framework together because after many years in clinical an…

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The British Psychological Society - Power Threat Meaning Model


​It is exciting to see that there are others who know that the diagnostic grip on mental health practice in adult and child services is damaging and needs resisting and that this resistance is now coming together via a range of pyschologsits and psychotherapists across the country.  There is the Cumbria Resliience Project and now we are having conferences run in the are of the British Psychological Society Power-Threat-Meaning Model.   I think the The Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Framewor…

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Thinking Strategically in Health and Education Practice.  Have we got a Missing Model?

​The I Matter Framework was drawn together as a response to my professional concern that something pretty serious was missing in child and family practice.   

There were so many different approaches that families, and front line practitioners, especially those with the most challenging and complex behaviour often found themselves feeling completely bewildered about what to do and why to help their child.  

The I Matter Framework offers a practical easy to share integration of the evidence on what…

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One of my Autism Intervention Heros:  Stephen Gutstein


One of the people who has inspired me most in the autism world is Stephen Gutstein, founder of Relationship Development Intervention.    There are a few others but Stephen is one of the practitioner researchers who has stood up for the message that children with difficulties on the autistic spectrum can be helped when we use an informed developmental approach.

Click here for his recent talk on What we should be aware of in Autism

One of the things that is most shocking in the field of autism is …

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How do you judge the impact of I Matter CPD?


In recent weeks, in the process of submitting the I Matter courses for CPD accreditation via the CPD Standards Office I have had to go through a rigorous process. I have had to supply documentation and evidence to show that the course has been carefully put together and that proper systems are in place to ensure that participants have a good experience.  I have had to demonstrate that feedback on the course is carefully gathered and evaluated.  

In this process I have also been looking at the q…

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