How Can I Use My Training?

The I Matter Framework and I Matter Core Leanring Journey offers a practical integrated approach to improving children's mental health and well being and a language to support solid foundations for joined up thinking.      The learning experience aims to address the issue of a missing element of everyday and complex child and family practice and can engage Leaders, front line practictioners, parents and young people in their own important roles.   If you have a question not answered here, please contact us.

For those who want to share I Matter with others, certification equips you for the following:
i) Supporting others on an I Matter Core Online Journey
ii) Supporting others using our resources to support 1:1 or a small group face to face I Matter Fundamentals Programme 
iii) Supporting the process of assessment and recommendations and focussed coaching (Advanced practitioners only)

Do I have to complete the Online Training to Run an I Matter Discussion Group for the Core Programme?

YES,  It is theoretically possible to run an informal I Matter discussion group without having completed certification training,   However, working through the online training and attending workshops and study support is very beneficial, as you'll learn how the elements of the I Matter Framework fit together and will get hints and tips and ideas through this process.  You will also hear stories about how people are using the ideas to make a difference.

Can I Run an I Matter Discussion Group for Professionals in my service?

YES, you can run an I Matter Discussion group but everyone should have their own online account. In work situations, please be aware that colleagues may sometimes prefer to complete the training with others that they are not working with.

Can I run an I Matter Discussion Group for people who do not have an online account?

If you want to run an I Matter Support Group for people who do not have an online account, you should have completed Certification training to include Extended online training and registered as a Trainee Lead Professional. The longer term learning process will help you to have a more indepth understanding through having heard the ideas  and explored vearied elements of applications

Do I have to be a qualified Mental Health Professional to run an I Matter Discussion Group

No. The ideas in the I Matter Framework are for anyone and everyone. However you should be aware that the content of the I Matter Programme touches on content that can be experienced as sensitive and needs thoughtful care. If the families you are supporting have escalated or complex or enduring mental health issues, you need to be a skilled practitioner.

I am the only person in my school or service who has taken part in I Matter Online Training?   Can I run a discussion group for parents-carers or my colleageus on my own?

We advise that any discussion group is run by at least 2 members who have completed core training.  In some situations, a 2nd practitioners, who hasn't attended a workshop, can act as co-facilitator, and can therefore also learn more about the approach during the group.

How can I use the I Matter Resources?

In the first instance all I Matter Journeys and the resources that you receive are for your own personal development only to help you in your own relationships with a focus child at work or at home. You can refer to them informally but should not copy them to distribute to others.

Now that I've attended a core training workshop or course, can I run a workshop for parents-carers or for my colleagues or other professionals to get them interested?

No, core training does not licence you to run workshops for others.  If you have completed the Core Training and the Extended Journey and if you are registered as a Trainee Lead, then you can run an introductory workhop to get others interested.   If not, then please direct them to the website and encourage colleagues and others register for their own learning journey.

Can I charge for my time to run a discussion group?

If you have completed the Core and Extended Journey are are registered as a Trainee you can advertise your services.    As a parent-carer or a trainee you cannot charge for your services.   However if you are a licensed professional who supports children and families and have become certified as an approved Lead then you can charge a modest amount for your time to cover room use and your time. 

What is the difference between an I Matter Fundamentals Group and I Matter Core Journey Study Support Group?

An I Matter Fundamentalas group is a face to face small group learning experience led by an approved Lead Professional on the supporting others programme.  It is intended for their own inhouse community only.

It can be run by any professional who has completed Core Training and has registered to become a Trainee so long as they are operating in a school, service or other organisation that has an Organisational license.  

THe fundamentals courses are intended to be used to start conversations and engage interest.  They may be used to help those who are unlikely to access online learning or as a first step to engage those who might pursue online learning.

The Core Journey refers to the online study support programme.

When do parents and young people have an online account?

Parents and young people only have an online account if they want to work through the core journey as a way of deepening their own understanding and skills.

To take part in the core online journey, parents-carers and young people must have a recommendation from an approved I Matter Professional who has a discussion with the indivdiual and comes to a shared understanding regarding the suitability of the programme for the individual concerned

Who can offer 1:1 coaching support for an I Matter Journey

To offer 1:1 coaching support you must have applied to be registered as a Trainee Lead.   You must b an experienced practitioner with a professional license with a well recognised body.   This support can be offered either through I Matter Direct or through your own professional organisational setting if your organisation is a member.   As a Trainee you cannot charge for your time, though if you are employed you may be able to offer support in your paid time.   Once approved you may charge a modest amount to offer 1:1 coaching support.

Who can offer an I Matter Clinic with an iniital assessment?

An I Matter clinic is an opportunity for a parent-carer to talk through their concerns with an experienced practitioner before joining an I Matter Core Journey.    An I Matter Clinic can only be offered by an Advanced Prctitioner and can be a complement to the other assessment processes offered by the practitioner.   Experienced practitioners who are on the supporting others training can be licensed to use the I Matter Assessment Tools to support their decision making and progress tracking.

Who can become an Advanced Practitioner and what can they do?

An Advanced I Matter Practitioner is an experienced professional who has advanced post gradualte level experience of supporting children and famileis.   To become an Advanced Practitioner, you must complete the Core and Extended Learning Journey's and must apply to be an Trainee Advanced Practitioner with an agreed I Matter Approved Consultant providing supervision.   You will run some I Matter Discussion groups and will be expected to work with famlilies where there are more escalated or complex needs

When supporting individuals or groups do I have to teach the ideas in the recommended order as in the I Matter Course?

YES, one of the key purposes of the I Matter Training Course is to ensure that participants gain a solid foundation on which to buld their understanding of how to help children.    The reason for working through the ideas in order is that this process is a tried and tested way of ensuring that the foundational understanding is solid.  This is really important when it comes to complex problem soliving in challenging situations.

If supporting individuals or groups in a longer term process, do my clients need to cover ALL the course steps?

>No. This is the advantage of clients having their own I Matter Core Oline account.   Each step of the Journey is designed as a unique learning experience.  Each one buids on the previosu one but it is not necessary to complete all 5 steps unless this is actively helpful.    Some poeple can make big important changes just from an understanding into the earliest ideas.

Can I pick just a few concepts and teach them to clients in my individual sessions?

In our experience, the concepts set out in the I Matter Learning Journey are most effective and impactful when taught systematically. in the specified order  In fact this is what is distinctive about an I Matter Journey.   If you are not teaching the ideas in the specified order, it is not an I Matter Journey.    Participants revisit a lot of important ideas in a very structured way, in a carefully selected order.  This ensures really solid foundations which equips them later to understand how to be effective in more complex situations.   Learning in a group introduces lots of opportunities for learning from others.  However, with a licence to work directly with clients using our resources, specific ideas can be tailored and personalised much more when taught individually.

My clients have particular needs, can I adapt the I Matter resources to help them understand?

The core written materials are copyrighted and cannot be changed, but we like to work with our network to ensure the experience meets diverse needs.  We encourage our Leads to be creative with their group teaching. If needing simpler graphics for posters, or with other languages we can be contacted with our suggestions. You know your clients and how they will learn best and we want to work with you. We stipulate that you keep the same "concepts" or ideas represented in different posters.   If you want to use individual concepts that you have used from I Matter Training in your own training for others then please make sure to reference where you have learned the ideas including both from the I Matter Framework Training and from the initial researchers whose ideas these concepts represent.