Influences on the I Matter Framework

The I Matter Framework and I Matter Learning Journey, offers a practical, engaging, carefully structured and easy to understand integration of the work of many researchers, writers, and practitioners. 

While the concepts taught in the I Matter Framework are solidly grounded in decades of research on stress, attachment theory, CBT & DBT, for which there is a vast research base, the difference in this intervention is in how we present these concepts, using visual graphics which makes the foundation ideas very memorable and user-friendly, helping everyone - including the non-professional population - to learn key ideas and start to use them easily to support more confident decision making. 

The core intention has been to find a way to impact policy and practices so that professionals and parents-carers  can work more effectively in the health, education and community settings where children and adults are developing!  The research is clear that if we want to improve child and adult wellbeing we have to shift our practices.

Here are just a few of the well known researchers and practitioners whose work has informed the I Matter Training programme. 

  • Dr Mary Ainsworth - Researcher - separation studies
  • Dr Mary Sheridan - Researcher and Practitioner - Birth to Five
  • Dr John Bowlby - Theorist and researcher on Attachment Theory
  • Dr Heather Douglas and Dr Michelle Ginty - Developers of the Solihull Approach
  • Dr Richard Lazarus and Dr Susan Folkman - Researchers on stress and coping theory
  • Dr Stanley Greenspan - Researcher and practitioner - children's developmental needs
  • Dr Stephen Gutstein - Researcher and Practitioner in relationship approaches 
  • Dr. Dan Siegel - Researcher, Author and Director of the Mindsight Institute
  • Dr Bruce Perry - Researcher and Practitioner - The Neurosequential Model of Development
  • Dr Dan Hughes, Author and Practitioner and developer of Dyadic Developmental Practitioner
  • Dr Paul Gilbert - Author, researcher and practitioner on mindfulness and compassion
  • Dr Aaron Beck and Dr Albert Ellis - researchers and practitioners in CBT
  • Dr Babette Rothschild - The Physiology of Trauma
  • Dr Gordon Neufeld - Neufeld Institute
  • Dr Dan Hughes - Author and Practitioner Brain Based Parenting
  • Dr. Russ Harris - Author of the Happiness Trap 
  • Dr. Stephen Porges - Author and developer of the Polyvagal Theory 
  • Dr. Bessel Van Derkolk  - Trauma & PTSD Expert 
  • Dr. Gaber Mate - Addictions and Developmental Trauma Expert 
  • Dr Jon Kabat -Zin Ph.D - Author and researcher on mindfulness
  • Dr John Gottman - Researcher and practitioner - couple relationships

There are not enough women on this list!    Here are some recommended references


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