Influences on the I Matter Framework

The I Matter Framework, offers a practical and easy to understand integration of the work of the many researchers, writers, and practitioners.  It was developed by Dr Cathy Betoin, clinical psychologist, teacher and parent,

The I Matter Framework draws upon a long and wide research base.  Here are just a few of the well known researchers and practitioners whose work has informed the I Matter Training programme. 

  • Dr Mary Ainsworth - Researcher - separation studies
  • Dr Mary Sheridan - Researcher and Practitioner - Birth to Five
  • Dr John Bowlby - Theorist and researcher on Attachment Theory
  • Dr Richard Lazarus and Dr Susan Folkman - Researchers on stress and coping theory
  • Dr Stanley Greenspan - Researcher and practitioner - children's developmental needs
  • Dr Stephen Gutstein - Researcher and Practitioner in relationship approaches 
  • Dr. Dan Siegel - Researcher, Author and Director of the Mindsight Institute
  • Dr Dan Hughes, Author and Practitioner and developer of Dyadic Developmental Practitioner
  • Dr Paul Gilbert - Author, researcher and practitioner on mindfulness and compassion
  • Dr Aaron Beck and Dr Albert Ellis - researchers and practitioners in CBT
  • Dr Babette Rothschild - The Physiology of Trauma
  • Dr Gordon Neufeld - Neufeld Institute
  • Dr Dan Hughes - Author and Practitioner Brain Based Parenting
  • Dr. Russ Harris - Author of the Happiness Trap 
  • Dr. Stephen Porges - Author and developer of the Polyvagal Theory 
  • Dr. Bessel Van Derkolk  - Trauma & PTSD Expert 
  • Dr. Gaber Mate - Addictions and Developmental Trauma Expert 
  • Dr Jon Kabat -Zin Ph.D - Author and researcher on mindfulness
  • Dr John Gottman - Researcher and practitioner - couple relationships

There are not enough women on this list!    Here are some recommended references


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