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Dear You:   Dear Uma,   Oh That Fog!   Letter #3

​Dear Uma, 

The sun is streaming in and I have been sitting here thinking back to the time when I first got to know you.  
That was such a difficult time for you wasn't it and yet you had been actively looking for help for so long.   You had read and rread.   You had taken your child to so many appointments but as the years had gone past your child had got bigger and the meltdowns  had got more and more intense and  actually it was becoming quite frightening.

All those appointments and yet you stil…

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Dear You:  Dear Stan,  Men and I Matter   Letter #2

​Dear Stan, 

 It has undoutedly taken me longer to get to know youa as in this wider world of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and families there is still such an overdominance of women .  I know I don't need to tell YOU that!    Yet over the years of my practice I have seen that when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of children men have an absolutely key role to play but they are too often undrerrepresented in the discussions. 

So one of the reasons I love working…

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