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Our Focus is Community Well-being Through Support for Adult-Child Relationship Health


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When you study the I Matter Framework it is like learning a new language.
So it is nice to find others who speak the same language with whom you can practice talking!
I Matter is definitely a language that you get better at with practice

I Matter is also a language that can be learned by professionals and by parents, and by young people
Each of them uses the language to help them think about slightly different but overlapping challenges.

So the Directory and the Awards Scheme helps you to locate others who speak I Matter!
I Matter Informed Practitioner or Parent - completed the I Matter Online Intensive
I Matter Mentor - Completed the extended journey and used their learning to make a significant difference to at least one adult-child relationship
I Matter Licensed Practitioner

To be listed in the I Matter Directory, you must be a professional and a current member of the Relationship Health Practice Network.  

Organisations can be listed and can also list the numbers of professionals and parents who have completed the I Matter Awards

What is the I Matter Informed Award?    
The I Matter informed Award shows that someone has completed I Matter Awareness Level Training, including the online I Matter Intensive.   To be recognise, on the I Matter Directory, they must also be a current member of Relationship Health Practice Network (Professionals) or the Community Wheel (Parents).   This means that they are someone who can have conversations with other professionals or parents using some of the I Matter language and ideas.    

When we approve a professional or a parent or a young person for the I Matter Informed Award  this means we know that they have an introductory level understanding of I Matter principles and can informally discuss ideas with others who are interested.  Some of them will have done more study than this.  This does not mean that they are licensed to teach an I Matter Course to individuals or groups, or to distribute resources.  Nor are they licensed to use our assessment tools other than in a very informal way to help themselves think about what is happening.  However we are satisfied that they are committed to helping themselves and others improve the health of relationships in their own families and community.   To be listed, I Matter Informed Professionals and Parents must be linked to an I Matter Host organisation.

Some I Matter Informed Practitioners can become approved I Matter Link Professionals and can provide parents-carers with a reference to take part in I Matter Online Training.    To be listed as I Matter Informed or as an I Matter Link requires recertification every 3 years

What is the I Matter Mentor Award?  

An I Matter Mentor is a professional or parent who has committed to the Extended I Matter Challenge and worked through all of the steps of Stage 1 Training and seen clear results in terms of improved Relationship Health with one or more children or adults.   They are able to speak with others about the learning journey that they have been on in making a difference.  Those registered for the Mentor Award may use our resources with a small number of immediate roles at home or at work as long as they remain a member of the Community Wheel or Relationship Health Network.   To be awarded the I Matter Mentor Award, professionals and parents submit an account of the learning process that they have been on with support from others who know them.   I Matter Mentors are not licensed to train others or distribute I Matter resources but can help us support others on an I Matter Journey.

What is the Licensed I Matter Practitioner Award?

A fully licensed I Matter Practitioner is someone who has completed a much more in-depth period of training with us.   We have three Licensed Facilitator Awards:   Lead Professional, Lead Plus and Advanced Practitioner.    This certification programme is still under development and involves learning how to take a Lead role in the formal delivery of local Getting Started Courses, Essentials Courses and study support for the Intensive  I Matter Framework programme.  Some with appropriate training can be licensed to use the I Matter Framework as part of therapeutic services including the use of the I Matter Assessment Tools and our process for working with children and families with more escalated challenges. 


I Matter Informed Host Lead and Link Schools

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for teachers and parents and carers of the challenging child.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!" - Foster Carer