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Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Framework 

 Theory and Evidence Made Practical to Help You to Help Children and Adults in Your School, Home or Community Setting

Do you want to help improve the well-being and mental health of a child who is challenging or struggling?   Do you work with children or maybe have a child at home that you worry about?  Do you know the experience of sometimes having no idea of what to do to help? 

So, where do YOU go, at work or at home, when YOU are feeling worried and confused about what to focus on and why, because advice is not available or seems contradictory? What do you do if waiting lists are long or the plan offered doesn't seem to help? Where do you find the training and coaching you need?

In fact, why exactly are so many children struggling?  You have to ask what is happening.  Perhaps there is a reason?  Are current practice models and strategy missing something important?  Is something else needed?

So what if greater clarity and teamwork around priorities was a possibility and there was a different way to go forward?  One that started with You in your role..  

The I Matter Framework draws decades of scientific research about children's development and well being  into a really practical, interesting and helpful teachable format to support decision making and progress tracking.  The core training which can be adapted to a variety of specific contexts, helps professionals and parents to become much more conscious of their own role and more effective in working together with others over the longer term to help children. 

The important conclusion is the adult role really matters to children's well-being. ..AND..the learning is fascinating... AND....You can make a difference.... but there is some new learning to do first...:)

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 When all adults and children know that they matter ...and that development matters... then we see best results for everyone.  Relationship health is key.

Training in the I Matter Framework offers some clear thinking that helps professionals and parents to help children who are struggling.  The programme provides insight and resources and a direction to help address the varied linked needs you will be seeing every day.


Imagine what your professional or personal life would be like if you had …

-- less confusion and more clarity when deciding what steps to take to help the child you worry about

-- confidence that you could work well with others building on robust ideas with a strong evidence base

-- confidence that you can know clearly what the priorities are and how to track progress over time

-- confidence that YOU had a really key role to play in your work or home setting

SO THAT... key relationships could feel easier and SO THAT...you, your child and others could thrive

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Over the last 10 years, professionals, and parents in a wide variety of situations have taken part in our CPD accredited I Matter training programme.  Here is the sort of thing they say...

  • “I Matter Training completely changed the way I feel about my role at work
  • “I Matter Training gave me the confidence that I can help my child and have a better relationship with him
  • “I Matter Training gave me tools that I wish I had been given so many years previously
  • "The I Matter Framework and Training has been adopted by our Integrated Care Community to
  • support our local strategy for work with children and families"

If you would like to listen to a short interview with a parent you can listen in here

Now we are moving into a new phase of 'Rethinking The Way Forward With the Children Who Challenge Us'   This is the title of the I Matter Framework book (coming soon).  So we would love you to join us...


Dr Cathy Betoin, Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent



 So.... Our Mission ... and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to bring your caring and concern about one or more children in your school or home, or community ....to join the I Matter Challenge and a learning journey exploring what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - and the varied but key implications for YOU - so that in 2-6 months time, you can be moving forward in your own role with more confidence, new ways of thinking, clear action steps and supportive community that is helping you make the difference that matters.

Healthier and Happier Schools, Homes and Communities:  One Important Relationship at a Time

 The next class cycle starts on the week of February 24th 2020











This approach rebuilds the hope and confidence of professionals and parents by providing a language and concepts that we can all work together with that ties elements together. It just makes complete sense

Dr Amy Lee: GP Safeguarding Lead - Kendal Integrated Care Community

'Children's well-being is important to us.  We knew what we wanted -but not how to get there.  I Matter Training is helping our schools pull various disparate initiatives into an organised approach putting adult-child relationship health and children's development at the heart of our school development planning    

Huw Davies and Pete Barfoot  -  Kendal Headteachers

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for parents and carers and teachers of the child who is challenging us.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!" -  Parent and Foster Carer

 Training in the I Matter Framework helps adults work together to help children in their own homes. schools and communities.   Here are some of the schools and organisations that are working with us to build capacity to help parents

You came into your role to make a difference - and this can help!

Contact us to discuss your interests.