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When it comes to your children and young people, what is your biggest concern?

Do you want a solid hopeful foundation on which to build? 

Could you help improve supportive options for children and families in your communnity?


We work with professionals, and parents-carers who are feeling overwhelmed but want to support positive change and healthier, happier outcomes and results.

We provide high quality training and coaching that helps support and strengthen adults in their key roles within caring, informed and rewarding adult-child relationships.


The I Matter Framework started out more than 20 years ago as a project seeking to understand the implications of a very wide body of research relevant to improving outcomes for children.  The goal was to organise complex ideas into a practical, integrated, teachable whole suitable for a wide range of starting points. 

The I Matter Framework is now offered as a thought provoking, high quality, very practical, licensed and CPD accredited training. It helps professionals and parents develop curiosity and integrate diverse but familiar ideas.  Through thinking deeply about wellbeing and relationships at school, work and home participants can work more easily with others and become clearer about next key steps to help children and themselves.

Where does it fit with all the rest?  Our experience of working with many practitioners and parents is that information overload is a common problem. I Matter offers a carefully organised strong clear platform on which to build insight and skills. The study process brings about a key level of clarity for those feeling lost in the fog of challenging everyday work and home relationships.

The good news is that with discussion and teamwork we have seen that it's never too late to make key differences that can help the challenging child.

Starting with YOU and your role - we start with the local and think global!




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What does the evidence say?

In response to the question, 'how are we going to address the wellbeing of our children and young people?', The I Matter Framework clearly demonstrates that if we want to improve outcomes in education, mental health, physical health, and crime we need to shift our focus towards: i) recognising stress states,  ii) adult-child relationship health, iii) community and partnership working, iv) support for the foundations of healthy social emotional development in all children and adults, and v) care for our environments.   These are not YET our priorities in our polices and practices. Instead we have schools and communities full of many very stressed children and adults.   So we want to see this change.


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What does the training offer?

I Matter Framework Training offers a back to basics integrated review of the evidence that is key to addressing health and wellbeing focussing on recognising stress states in children and in adults, understanding the significance of attachment processes, and supporting adult-child relationship health as key to mental health, physical health, educational outccomes and crime statistics.   The approach involves awarenesss raising and

+ training and coaching of staff

+ training and coaching of parents

+ careful supported progression of vulnerable pupils

We use supported online learning and a series of connected posters to help introduce your staff team to the language and concepts of the I Matter Framework to enable them to start to recognise stress states in themselves and others and become confident in supporting adult-child relationship health.  We work with participants to build confidence in implementing tailored learning pathways for adults as well as for young people based on ensuring progression of all participants on key social emotional skills.   This information can be drawn together in a manner that makes it possible to monitor and ensure progress in staff confidence, parent confidence and pupil development.  This information can be used for the purposes of Ofsted and CQC.


+ Through a community building process we help you to bridge 'the Missing Link'


This course is particularly helpful CPD for any professional in front line roles with children and families.   Those who want to continue an I Matter Journey can become part of our Link network or can apply to join our Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner Training so that they can facilitate study support groups and work towards complex joined up home-school care co-ordination.    We particularly welcome interest from professionals who are also parents.



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Children, young people and adults thrive when

+ Demands are in balance with resources

+ Adult-child relationships are healthy

+ Children's developmental needs are being met

+ Communities are working well together

+ The environment is being cared for





Take the first awareness step on a carefully structured I Matter learning journey.  The I Matter Framework offers a big picture integrated understanding of the evidence base critical to outcomes for children and families in a language that is easy for professionals and parents of varied levels of experience to understand. 


Join a supportive community of professionals and parents who want to see a different approach to the way we care for children and families with strong emphasis on recognising the disabling impact of stress on parents' ability to fulfill their key role.  Get support to work with others in your locality over a longer term process.


Help build more supportive empowering networks for the children and families that you work with.  Be part of building a positive approach to insight and skills building of children and adults.  Discover I Matter for your own life and reflect on your own key experiences and on next steps forward.





You love children and became an education or health professional to be in the classroom or clinic doing what you love with children and their families!    However, it is seeming these days that this work brings you face to face with issues like:

  • Where do I go to ensure children and families get the help they need?
  • Where can I find the training I need, or that my team need?
  • How do we choose between different approaches?
  • What can we do ourselves in our community to make a difference?
  • Could I perhaps make a contribution?  What could I do?

I’m Dr Cathy Betoin, the founder of the I Matter Framework Training Company, a Kendal based social enterprise.  I'm a Clinical Psychologist, an experienced primary teacher and a parent.  I wrestled with all of these issues before putting this training together.  As a company we now work with schools and communities to help you train your staff, respond to the missing link and transform practices.

The training presents well established psychological theory and research evidence in a carefully designed structured training process, providing an engaging way of supporting a positive attachment and ACEs and trauma sensitive change process for children families and communities.   We love to share it!




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The training has helped me with the children at school and also with my children at home.  

Now I can see the bigger picture.  I understand better why they react the way they do.  

I am much better at recognising signs of stress.  Teacher and Parent


This training has given me answers I have been looking for for 30 years!  GP and Parent






We help professionals. parents and young people work together better and feel less stressed     How?    By helping them see things differently.


Remember, if you are too busy and too stressed to make time to learn about your key role, you will always be too busy and too stressed!


Thank you for your interest!



Dr Cathy Betoin

Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent


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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


If I had understood these ideas earlier

I could have been a lot more effective

Family Support Worker



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