For What Situations Can Training in Relationship Health
and the I Matter Framework help me?  


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Why Join the I Matter Framework Fundamentals Programme?

The I Matter Framework offers a very practical integration of the research evidence on what helps adults and children to thrive.  The programme can be studied as a stand alone self-help programme or with a variety of study support options.

Who can the I Matter Framework Fundamentals Programme Help?
Relationship Health is a Valuable Issue to Understand for Everyone 
Here are a few examples of common scenarios..

Common Scenarios for Parents-to Be and New Parents:    You are mostly looking forward to becoming a parent but there seems a lot to think about and because you have heard about all the challenges that children and adults are having with mental health and couple conflicts and behaviour, and though you have spent money on preparing the bedroom you realise there is a lot you don't know much about and you are keen to try to do what you can to be informed so as to prevent problems.

In this sort of situation, I Matter Relationship Health Training helps you to think about a range of issues that are key to helping yourself and your child and wider family to thrive.  The great advantage to studying these ideas in advance is that when challenges and difficulties arise in the future (which they will!) then you will be ahead of the game in knowing what to focus on and why.    Instead of feeling completely clueless you will have a method of talking issues through and making sense of how to find the way forward.

Common Scenarios for Parents-Carers:   You may have a pretty good relationship with your child but nonetheless at times it would be so helpful to be able to talk things through with people who get how much there is to think about.  What should you focus on and why?   How do you help siblings get on better?   How do you help your child manage the challenges of friendships, and school and be equipped for life?    Why, come to think about it, is there so little help for thinking about your role?  Isn't that odd?

I Matter Training will give you confidence that your role as parent or carer is something that really matters and one in which it is worth developing your understanding and skills.    Not only will you benefit, but so will every child or adult that you support.   The exciting detail is that the science of how children and adults develop is changing our understanding of the importance of the adult role.  It is showing us how to make sense of what is happening in everyday interactions and how small tweaks can have big results in terms of helping your child's confidence and progress.

Common Scenarios for Parents-Carers of Children with Additional Challenges:  On the whole you may feel you have a reasonably good relationship with your child (at least you understand them better than most people) but sometimes you feel as you have tried everything and still can't see the way forward.     You have been to see professionals in CAMHS and maybe even fought to get a diagnosis and you have done a lot of hunting for information on the internet.  However there are still times when your child's behaviour feels out of control, and you have no idea what to do to make a difference.
So you often find yourself treading on egg shells or trying to persuade others what they need to do or not do to prevent meltdowns.   Worse you disagree with family members about what is needed, not to mention relationships with school which are often really difficult. 

I Matter Training does not offer you any quick fixes for difficult situations like this.   However what it WILL do is help you to gain a language and a set of ideas that equip you to better assess what is happening, understand your own role, problem solve with your child and family members, and with school and occupy your place as a key and significant person in your child's progress.    The structured learning system with a range of support options aims to help you build a way forward that can be adapted to specific individual situations.


Common Scenarios for Adults:   Relationships can be challenging!  Yet they are often at the heart of whether we feel good in our life.  However where do you go exactly to understand more about how to help your own relationships with friends, family, parents, partners, at work, be just that little bit easier or just that bit more likely to be healthy?      How is that some relationships feel great, and others can be so tricky?

This is an exciting time to be thinking more about relationships as, astonishingly, thought they are very important for wellbeing and mental health the term relationship health is new and has been overlooked.  So learning more can help you discover practical ideas and skills that really can make relationships more interesting and rewarding and resilient when challenges arise. And when your relationship health improves, so does your mental health and sometimes even your physical health!  Moreover its never too late to learn more! 

Common Scenarios for Individuals with their own mental health and wellbeing challenges:   You want to know how to help yourself but all the different advice seems so confusing, you just can't decide what to focus on and often feel stuck.    What can you do in the face of long waiting lists and cost of living constantly increasing and news every day that is hard to listen to?  Other people just don't seem to understand why you are feeling the way you do - but the truth is you are not that sure why either.   It's really hard thinking there is something wrong with you and not feeling understood.

I Matter Training won't sort your problems out for you.   What it CAN do is help you gain a much better understanding of what is happening, providing you with a map to find the way forward so that you are empowered to help yourself and feel more equipped to work effectively with others including family members and professionals.  Instead of trying to guess at what to focus on, you will have a logical system that you can use to help you figure out solutions that work for you.  Life can be very challenging, but there are ways forward.


Common Scenarios for Education Based Professionals.    You came into your role because you wanted to help children thrive, yet your work can be so demanding on a daily basis with increasing numbers of children displaying really confusing difficulties and challenging behaviours.  You feel you should have had training but you don't feel equipped to understand let alone manage what is happening and it often feels as if you are making up solutions without any clear shared approach.   Parents seem to think that you will be able to handle the issues, when they can't manage them at home - but you can see there is no help.  Deep down you feel there is something in education that needs a rethink.   However who are you to suggest such things?

As above I Matter does not promise any quick fixes for these very difficult and demanding situations.   What it will do, is help you feel that you have a way forward to make sense of what is happening.  In the first instance, it aims to equip and empower you to be able to take personal decisions  about how to protect and support your own wellbeing with more confidence and clarity.  In addition, you will have specific ideas about how to help the children you work with and ideally, you will also be able to progress your learning as part of a process of organisational discussion and change.  In this scenario where you are able to work with your organisation you will be able to become part of a community that is taking forward an important movement for change

Common Scenarios for Health and Community Professionals:  Whether you are a GP, or a Health Visitor or a Social Worker every professional working in health and community roles can feel at a loss to know where to turn in order to address the distressing and difficult situations seen on a daily basis.   Everyone seems to think you as the professional should have some answers but you are not confident that your training equipped you for the situations you are seeing.   Everyone talks about more joined up work but how exactly should that be done?   It is clear that some changes are needed, but what exactly should be focussed on?

Training in relationship health and in the I Matter Framework aims to offer you a new and empowering angle on the situations you are seeing everyday.   It puts into words, ideas and thoughts that you sort of know of already but haven't known what to do with.  On an immediate basis it aims to support you in the process of what you are seeing in a manner that 'makes sense' and improves your case formulation skills and effective communication with patients and clients.  More importantly it provides some routes to working with other professionals and with other organisations to take some small steps in the direction of a new approach.   Everyone knows that there are no quick solutions, however having a practical way forward that empowers you to work strategically and more effectively with others just feels a relief!   

Common Scenarios for Senior Leaders and Decision Makers  (Headteachers, Directors, Governors, Commissioners)  As a senior leader you have got decision making  needs coming at you thick and fast.  As a leader there is so much to juggle, particularly in the world of anything to do with child and adult wellbeing - there are staff needs, parents-carers, young people with more and more difficult situations - somehow your own needs can often get overlooked. Even with a lot of experience, in the face of growing needs wherever you look, you may have had the feeling that something was missing.. something that would help you join up the dots and be more strategic rather than just firefighting... but what exactly?

Training in relationship health and in the I Matter Framework offers leaders the opportunity to think differently and more strategically about challenges they see everyday and their own role.   Instead of just reacting to the next request or priority, what can be most useful is to take the time to take a step back and examine your daily experiences and responsibilities through another perspective.    The great strength of the I Matter Learning Journey is that it is designed to offer a language that can support you in helping professionals and parents and young people in working together.   So it can form a foundation for a joined up approach that can bring people together to be more effective in tackling issues that are effecting so many.

Common Scenarios for Parenting Practitioners and Coaches and Would be Practitioners.   If you are someone who already likes to help others in the area of relationships whether adult-child or adult-adult, or someone who would like to be able to do this better or more effectively, you may recognise that there is often a question:  what exactly should you focus on and why?    When it comes to helping there can be so many different theories and models and research - how should you determine which approaches to emphasise?

The background to the I Matter Framework was exactly this issue - how do we progress an evidenced base approach when there are so many different theories and ideas?.   What the I Matter Framework does is draw this research together into a very practical format that can be shared with your clients as a structured tool and method that helps them find the way forward by putting the goal of improved relationship health as the central priority.  In other words, parenting and caring for example is seen within this bigger more important priority.   Having this framework and the resources can help your role become easier, more impactful and more rewarding as you can facilitate the process of learning more easily.

Common Scenarios for Young People:     It can be tricky being a young person these days.  There are so many pressures coming your way.   If it is not the issue of managing friendships, or relationships with family, then there are all the issues of school work and exams and questions about what you might want to do with your life?     Feeling confused and overwhelmed can be a common experience that can leave young people wanting to avoid situations or hide true feelings.  Conflicts can blow up quickly over small issues and sometimes everything can seem so unfair.

In I Matter we often remind everyone that the truth is that life can be very challenging - and, indeed, that some people have more challenges than others.  However learning to manage life's challenges is one of the things that can help you move out of feeling stuck, into feeling more confident.   One really valuable way forward is to commit to improving your own wellbeing through a relationship health approach.   This is a process that depends on learning some important ideas and learning some important skills - so that you can help yourself and make a positive difference to others. Learning about relationship health when you are young can equip you to enjoy your life with more confidence.   Some additional benefits are that skills for relationship health can improve your mental health, help you be more employable - and can help you attract partners who care about the same issues and will be good for you! 

Common Scenarios for Business Owners and Business Leaders:   Many business owners have described the challenges that they have found in recruiting staff of all ages who have good  personal skills for example in relationships.  Many have been concerned with the rising evidence of people taking time off due to mental health problems or due to challenges managing home based issues.    Underlying these issues is a gap in the way that young people and adults are prepared with the skills for life - including caring for themselves and for others.  However given the scale of the issues, where do you as a business person start in order to help make an impact?

Learning more about relationship health and about the I Matter Framework can offer a cost effective solution for investing in the skills of your workplace team and in the skills of your community.   Businesses have a huge role to play in developing a strategy that builds the skills in young people and adults that can make our communities happier and healthier places to live.    So there are opportunities ro work on developing inhouse skills of your workforce team.    There are also opportunities so to work with us to develop partnerships with your local community to sponsor training for people who are motivated to help themselves gain skills that can transform results.

In sum:  Investing the time and resource in developing your skills for relationship health based on an understanding of the I Matter Framework can benefit you in multiple roles - professionals and personal.  

Here are a summary of the ways that this training can help.   
If you would like to learn more, we would love to hear from you! 

Strengthen Your Personal Wellbeing and Adult-Adult Relationships

  • An understanding of the I Matter Framework helps you get clearer
  • Discover foundation ideas that can help you move forward
  • Develop a language to help you work with others
  • Applicable to a wide range of home and work roles.

Strengthen Your Parenting-Caring of Children of all Ages.

  • Discover how the I Matter Framework helps you understand
  • Build a team approach at home and with professionals
  • Build your own skills and the skills of your children
  • Build rewarding relationships with children and others

Progress Your Professional Development 

  • Discover a vitally important overlooked idea for practice
  • Ground your practice in solid well-evidenced ideas 
  • Develop a joined up approach with others
  • Feel more confident in every day decision making

Progress Organisation Development (via Organisations Prog)

  • Work with a structured approach to organisation development
  • Engage your team with ideas that make sense
  • Build systems that help bring change over time
  • Work with others in your community to shift practices


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Here is what professionals and parents have said

I have liked so many aspects of the I Matter Training. It has given me much more clarity, confidence and strength to help myself and my child. I can only sing its praises in every way. It has made a huge difference to how I see myself, my situation and my children and has given me the tools to be a better parent/coach for my children. It has also helped in other areas of my life such as work. Parent of children aged 5-11yrs

This training has taught me way more than I could have imagined, I love it!       Foster Carer

This training has changed the way I practice at work and in my home relationships. I have enjoyed learning online and found the modules manageable with enough to be stimulating.  I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group - it was interesting hearing everyone's varied experiences.   The changes I have made have benefited me personally, and my family and my professional role.  I want to carry on and learn more.     General Practitioner who completed Core and Extended Learning Journey

"If more professionals understood the implications of the I Matter Framework the impact would be huge on our practices.   I am excited to be part of making a difference"   Professional in Education