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We have explored a wide number of options to support the sharing of the I Matter Framework with more professionals and parents.   The conclusion of this process was that the training has more impact when parents (some of whom may also be professionals themselves) take the lead in deciding that they want training for themselves to support their personal and/or professional roles.. This includes being willing to pay for themselves at least in part, or being willing to do the work in seeking funding support because they want to feel equipped themselves.  

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As a result we now encourage individuals to take the lead in the funding of their own training and/or seeking financial help.  We work with Relationship Health Matters CIC to raise funds for bursaries which we award on a termly basis subject to available funds, to support specific individuals or groups including small schools or low income families .  An alternative to contributing to one of these options is to support a local organisation that wants to raise funds to be able to work with us.   Please help us help those who want to help themselves.