Bursary Fund  

Would you like to help support this work?  We use all donations carefully for maximum impact

I Matter Child and Family Bursary Fund

Do you know that there is a concern about children's well-being and would you like to help?

We received a call a few months ago from someone who had attended an introductory session.  She asked

'is there a way for me to help someone in my community to access I Matter training?   I know they want to take part but they are struggling financially - can I help?'. 

This message made our day!

It has been experiences like this that led to us setting up the Friends of I Matter and I Matter Child and Family Bursary scheme - so that people who want to be part of helping others can easily do so.


Many of the schools and families that we work with are managing large demands with small resources.  So when we ask them to think about something extra - such as training for themselves - funding really can be a significant barrier.   

Consequently an offer of a small bursary that can discount the costs can make all the difference to whether training goes ahead or not.  The bursaries are very much appreciated

It feels good to receive and to give!


We are currently using the I Matter Child and Family Bursary scheme to fund raise for three key purposes:

i) bursaries for professionals in small schools in the Kendal and South Lakes area as small schools are often supporting a lot of children with challenges and training can be hard to afford.

ii) bursaries for parents-carers of children who are challenging from low income families and linked to member schools and services where there is clear motivation to study but funds are proving the barrier.  

iii) general project overheads and projects


If you would like to support our bursary fund the following information  may be important:

The I Matter Child and Family Bursary fund is overseen by a small unincorporated association with its own trustees and constitution and separate bank account.   We are currently investigating the process of this structure becoming a charitable Community Interest Organisation


What is offered

We do not offer any complete bursaries.   Instead, bursaries are offered on the basis of a 25% or 50% basis for Foundation A & B training subject to funds available in the bursary account and on a first come first served basis each term.   We use larger contributions to help schools who are ready to develop their whole school thinking. We will specify how many of each of the above types of bursaries are available at the start of each term.    We will usually not offer more than 2 bursaries per school per year, nor more than 1 bursary per family per year.  Families must have the support of a member school Lead professional.


How to Donate

You can make a donation to our bursary fund  

You can become a Friend of I Matter by setting up a regular subscription  

If you would like to specify which of the three objectives your donation should be used for please let us know  

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How to Apply

Applications can be made to the bursary fund by anyone meeting the above criteria by writing to Annie Truch, Secretary of I Matter Child and Family Bursary Fund  c/o bursary@imattertraining.com