Why I Matter Training? #1 How does it all fit together?

So I want to tell you about why I decided to put together I Matter Training and why I think it may be helpful to you.   The first and most important reason was that 20 years ago I was trying to understand a very confusing picture myself.   I trained at a very interesting time as a clinical psychologist.   Ideas were changing and there were fierce disagreements between psychologists about what was the proper task of a psychologist and what was not.  How to resolve the confusion was a very personal question.  

If you have found yourself not sure about to do to help yourself or a complex child, I want to reassure you that this is not surprising, because there really has not been clarity. Professionals have disagreed fiercely, so no wonder parents have had a challenge to work things out.  Today however, something has changed, and with the advent of research on the brain, psychologists of different traditions now are beginning to find some shared points of agreement.  

I Matter Training represents my attempt to pull a lot of these ideas together into a very practical back to basics approach.  I am a parent myself and I was a primary teacher and I know that parents and front-line professionals find psychology fascinating but they need it to be practical.   Professionals can still disagree quite vigorously and one of the things that they disagree about in children's services is whether something called CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) is sufficient to help professionals and parents help children, especially complex children.  I don't think it is.  I think what is missing is a clear map that ties a wider set of ideas together.

I remember the sense of finally lifting my own head out of the fog when the ideas started to come together.   Now I call the I Matter Foundation Course, from Confusion to Clarity as I have seen such a lot of confusion in work with children with complex needs, and I feel that until we can agree as a community about what we are really trying to do when helping a complex child, we probably will not be very effective in helping address the number of children who are struggling.  

The second reason I decided to develop I Matter Training was the sheer numbers of children who were struggling.  More on that in my  Next Blog  Why I Matter?  Reason #2.  

If we haven't spoken already, but you would like to speak to me further, email me on contact@imatterproject and let's set up a call so that I can understand more about your current interests and concerns!


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