Why I Matter Training? #6 There is rarely a quick fix


The sixth reason I decided to develop I Matter Training is that when it comes to living with or caring for children with complex needs, there is rarely a quick fix.  Sorry!

When we are faced with really challenging situations - we have all been in the situation of just wanting someone or something to come and sort things out and make things better - More than that we often want something or someone to come and sort the child or other person out - right now!   Unfortunately, this can rarely, if ever, happen, but the fantasy that it could perhaps happen can sometimes leave professionals and parents chasing for solutions, and not being willing to stick with approaches that deliver slower but firmer results.  

The hard truth is that if we really want to bring about positive changes for children with complex needs, through our relationships, we have to be willing to commit to a path that demands stamina and patience. Real improvements in our relationships can rarely be delivered by drugs, but they can be delivered through improved understanding, improved communication, improved team work, improved personal effectiveness.  

This is a challenging path but it is a rewarding path.  Like any form of exercise we start to reap the benefits when we are willing to put good advice into practice in a determined way over weeks and months, not just hours and days.  It is not enough just to hear good ideas, we have to take action and try things out, we have to be willing to learn from our mistakes and adjust and try again.  

Because I Matter Training is based on giving you understanding before giving you strategies, it aims to give you the ability to figure out for yourself what is needed and why in a given challenging situation.    It aims to give you language and ideas that you can share with others to think through your decisions together.  

When you develop new understanding and skills you can take these with you for a life time.  

So, now you have six reasons for the existence of this project, but the seventh reason I developed I Matter Training is that I am frankly a hopeless idealist.  I believe in the capacity of human beings to work together for a better world.   More on that in my next blog..


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