What is I Matter Training? Foundation 1: Personal Responsibility and Willingness to Grow


So what is I Matter Training?    It is a psycho-educational project intended to provide you with a map that will support you in becoming more of an expert on the mental health or behaviour challenges you or your child are experiencing.   I Matter training brings together complex ideas into a useable practical form so that you can decide which are important and relevant to you right now.

I Matter is not a therapy - but if you use it to guide your choices and decision making it will have therapeutic outcomes for you and for your child.

I Matter has three Foundations:    Foundation 1:  Personal Responsibility and Willingness to Grow emphasises that if you want to help a complex child, your skills and understanding matter.    What you want matters.   What you are willing to work for in your home or community setting matters.  

We can spend a lot of time looking around for someone else who is going to take action to make a difference.  The fact is, if you care about these things, YOU must take action.   

Be warned: I Matter can take you on what can be a powerful and challenging journey!    

Look out for more information about Foundations 2 and 3 of I Matter Training.


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