About Dr Cathy Betoin and Adult-Child Relationship Health


Welcome to my blog!    I am just in the process of moving it over here from another site.

My name is Dr Cathy Betoin. I am a clinical psychologist , an experienced teacher and a parent myself.

What do you do when something doesn't exist?   Something that seems should be there but isn't?

There is an awkward process of trying to put thoughts into words - of arranging and rearranging ideas.

It is a rather messy process but there are markers on the way.  Ah ha moments.  

In the early days this website-blog served as a notepad - a private process that I didn't particularly want anyone to find.   Now I don't want to delete them!    So I realised I am attached to these original Adult-Child Relationship Musings as they are important to the history of what has become   I Matter Training and the I Matter Project  ​

They represent my attempt to share my view that if we want to tackle the crisis in children's mental health and wellbeing we need a new practice model in education and in children's mental health.

My view is that the evidence is clearly telling us that our children need us to think more clearly about what they need from us as adults.


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