About I Matter Relationship Health Training - Who We Help

Learning to care for ourselves, our children, each other and our planet

You do not move on with personal, local and global problems by blaming others.  You start with You.

Who We Help

I Matter Training is suitable for anyone aged 10 years and above who is personally motivated to learn how to improve their own and others mental health and wellbeing through a relationship health approach. 

There must be an active opt in by participants with active desire to learn.

The programme can be used to support awareness programmes designed to prevent problems by providing preparation for relationship health in challenging roles such as preparation for parenting or preparation for professional roles in working with children and families.

It can also be used as an early intervention programme to strengthen relationship health where there are challenges and as a foundation or complement for recovery programmes.

Where there are escalated challenges or high overwhelm, Facilitators should ensure that they have a suitable level of additional qualifications in order to practice safely.

We see the I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals programme as starting people off on what we consider to be a life long learning journey.

Fivesteps to success

The I Matter Framework is studied by:

+ Senior Leaders
+ Professionals working directly with children and adults
+ Professionals working indirectly with children and adults ie with parents and carers
+ Parents and Carers at preparation stages
+ Parents and Carers with experience at all stages 
+ Couples
+ Adults 
+ Young people