Who is I Matter Framework Training for?

 I Matter Framework training helps professionals and parents to work better together

Who is I Matter Training for?

I Matter Training is for professionals who work with children and families in high pressure situations

It is also for parents-carers who are feeling under pressure

More specifically I Matter Training can be for Everyday Living or Working with Children or for High Pressure LIving or Working with Children

We are now starting to work with schools and services in the Kendal area who want to work with us to increase the availability of training and support for parents and carers and front line professionals who work in challenging situations and too often cannot access the key training that they need in timely fashion.   We do this through offering training for professionals for three different key roles;


LINK PROFESSIONAL AND LINK ORGANISATION - Links can refer those in your setting to our courses.

LEAD PROFESSIONAL AND LEAD ORGANISATION - Leads can offer study supported learning in your setting


The research evidence is very clear:

Adult-child relationship health is important

Development is important

What we focus on is the often forgotten significance of adult stress states and linked overwhelm

A stressed, confused and/or overwhelmed adult will always struggle to help a struggling child

So that is where we start.


When participants complete their training we always ask "Who would benefit from I Matter Training? 

This is what they say:

" I Matter Training is for anyone who works or lives with challenging or complex children"

" Anyone connected to children and young people either through work or personally"

"GP safeguarding leads, School nurses, child protection social workers, adoption social workers"

"Teachers, SENCO's, Health Visitors, Pastoral teams"

" Foster carers and adopters in preparation and post placement"

" TAs, ante-natal groups, staff at parent and toddler groups. 



"This course has renewed my hope that through working together we can make a difference for children"


So I Matter Training is for professionals and for parents and for individuals in schools and GP practices who want to feel less stressed and who are ready to grow themselves and work collaboratively with others in their own schools, homes or communities.

Again, we think the research evidence is very clear about what is needed to improve children's well-being:

The real challenge therefore is implementing the evidence -

And that is where you come in - in your setting.


We hope we can help you with your important role!