Who is I Matter Framework Training for?

 I Matter Framework training helps professionals to help parents so working together becomes easier

From Confusion to Clarity:   

We are on a mission to improve adult's confidence in building happy healthy relationships with children - particularly those who are more challenging or complex


How would it be if faced with a challenging situation with your child you knew not just what to do but why?How would it be if instead of casting around, you had a clear plan, knew what you were working on and what the next steps are


Training in the I Matter Framework is for professionals and for parents and carers who want to build clarity and confidence about their own role - based on having a clear plan - so that when it comes to working with others they can work more effectively together

We are currently actively focused on helping schools and communities to build strong foundations for improved ability to help their own parents-carers access timely informed guidance.  We see this as a key part of more effective home-school partnership


At present for Professionals - we can work with professionals from anywhere in the UK using distance learning.   We are focusing on GP's and Leaders and school based mental health and pastoral teams) who want to be part of building more informed and more supportive local communities for those who are vulnerable.  We are keen to support those who want to increase their own insight and skills and be part of the solution      CLICK HERE  FOR MORE INFORMATION FOR PROFESSIONALS


At present for For parents-carers, we provide a newsletter that addresses I Matter themes.   We like parents and carers to have a link with an approved link or lead professional in order to take part in our supported training - because we know that supported local learning is usually very key when there are challenges.  However currently this locally supported learning is only available in the Kendal and Morecambe Bay area **.

Due to demand we are currently trialling and hope to be able to offer a self-help First Steps course to parents who do not have a Link or Lead professional.   So if you are interested then do sign up on our mailing list and we  encourage you to share information about our training with your local school or service.   




** Please note the reason for this restricted access to parents and carers is that work to support children who are challenging usually requires some joined up thinking and a team approach between adults.  This approach allows us to set up clear agreements from the outset that ensure safe practice for all concerned and best likelihood of positive longer term results. 


Our observation is that in practice with challenging behaviour in children there has been a tremendous amount of confusion which has contributed to challenges faced by both professionals and parents. 

The I Matter Framework offers a practical back to basics integration of a wide research base presented in a clear manner that is explicitly designed to help clear the fog and join up the dots using a series of connected posters that teach key ideas.  The I Matter Framework creates a language that can connect professionals and parents with different training and varied responsibilities and then support the directing of energy towards the critical issues. 

We seek to work with, and actively value, the insights from different professional disciplines and traditions. 

We also encourage all those we work with to actively pursue their own learning journey.   Our focus is on ensuring that those with front line responsibilities gain the clarity that helps them to work well with others and take their own role with children and young people and the other adults involved very seriously. 


The research evidence is very clear:

We agree with others that adult-child relationship health is important

We agree with others that development is important

What we focus on is the often forgotten significance of adult stress states and linked overwhelm

A stressed, confused and/or overwhelmed adult will always struggle to help a struggling child

So that is where we start.


We always ask "Who would benefit from I Matter Training? 

This is what our course participants say:

" I Matter Training is for anyone who works or lives with challenging or complex children"

" Anyone connected to children and young people either through work or personally"

"GP safeguarding leads, School nurses, child protection social workers, adoption social workers"

"Teachers, SENCO's, Health Visitors, Pastoral teams"

" Foster carers and adopters in preparation and post placement"

" TAs, ante-natal groups, staff at parent and toddler groups. 



"This course has renewed my hope that through working together we can make a difference for children"


So I Matter Training is for professionals and for parents and for individuals in schools and GP practices who want to learn and who are ready to grow themselves and work collaboratively with others in their own schools, homes or communities.

Again, we think the research evidence is very clear about what is needed to improve children's well-being:

The real challenge therefore is implementing the evidence -

And that is where you come in - in your setting.


We hope we can help you with your important role!