Who is an I Matter Journey for?
I Matter Journey's Help You To Improve Adult-Child Relationship Health

Who is an I Matter Journey for?  

An I Matter Learning Journey is for professionals, parents-carers and organisations who want to make a positive difference to children and young people's wellbeing.

Because of the levels of complexity and needs that we are often asked to support with, we offer the I Matter Core Learning Journey for parents-carers ONLY in partnership with member organisations and approved I Matter Trained professionals. 

Parents-carers can join the I Matter Community Wheel which offers a monthly Awareness Level Programme only. This membership can help build support for developing a local I Matter Study Support hub for the I Matter Core Learning Journey.

Young people can access an I Matter Learning Journey again via member schools and services with the support of Approved Lead Professionals.

Professionals who train with us can therefore benefit personally and professionally from I Matter Training in 3 ways
i) Build their own I Matter informed relationship health skills for direct relationships with children and adults at home and at work
ii) Work with their own local networks to build greater understanding of the I Matter Framework and implications for practice
iii) Contribute to informed referral pathways for parents-carers who can benefit from the Strengthening Relationship Health Core Programme
iv) Build their own skills so as to support improved access for parents-carers to the Restoring Relationship Health Core Programme

Parents-Carers and Supporters who train with us can therefore benefit from I Matter Training in 3 ways
i) By learning about the issues
ii) By building informed networks for themselves in their own community
iii) By taking part in an I Matter Challenge and making a real difference to the health of significant relationships through the preparation, strengthening relationships or restoring relationships process. 

Young People who train with us can benefit from I Matter from I Matter through
i) Learning about the issues of relationship health
ii) Completing the I Matter for Young People Five Steps Awards
iii) Learning about how to gain the skills to make a difference in their homes, schools and communities

Organisations who have staff who train with us can benefit from I Matter Training by
i) Learning about a key missing approach to children's wellbeing
ii) Developing the confidence of their staff teams
iii) Building capacity to help more parents-carers and young people build their confidence and skills