What is the I Matter Framework?

Joined up thinking for professionals and parents 

What is the I Matter Framework?

The I Matter Framework is a response to the confusion commonly seen in practice with challenging children and families.   It sets out a practical integration of well-evidenced theoretical ideas using a language that professionals and parents can easily understand and that can be used to guide decision making that is key to being effective with challenging children and their families.
I Matter Framework Training webinars and workshops are a full-day or half-day events which set out some of the background to the development of the Framework and then introduce essential elements necessary for supporting the mental health and well-being of children.

The training can be extended through participation in supported online learning which helps individuals in learning to put theory into practice.  

Presentations are geared to train professionals from multiple disciplines who work with students to support social-emotional development (teachers, therapists, mental health providers, administrators, etc...).  Locality settings interested in developing their capacity to support parents are encouraged to complete the training in order to develop a local support capacity.

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I Matter Framework Training Glossary:

The I Matter Framework aims to organise a lot of helpful ideas into something even more helpful!

  1. I Matter Framework A way of clearly organising a vast array of well evidenced ideas in the literature using visual graphics to illustrate key connections
  2. I Matter Model  Spells out the relationship between adult wellbeing and child wellbeing
  3. I Matter Process: The process of everyday conflict through which relationship security can grow that is central to the I Matter coaching process
  4. I Matter Coaching : Active support to adults so that they can translate theoretical ideas into practice in everyday situations – offered through face to face and online learning tools.
  5. I Matter Questionnaires – the registration and tracking process we use to help guide families at the start of their I Matter Journey and as they move forward
  6. I Matter Journey – we believe that this is a extended learning journey through which participants can deepen their understanding and confidence and restore to health and strengthen key relationships and then help others
  7. I Matter Action Plan – a clear plan based on the I Matter Q that ensures that the team around the child are focussing on clear and appropriate objectives
  8. I Matter Community Wheel – the local holistic relationships and community building process that aims to connect professionals and parents and agencies across traditional boundaries