About the I Matter Framework
What is an I Matter Informed Approach?
I Matter Journeys help you to improve Adult-Child relationship health

About the I Matter Framework:   What is an I Matter Informed Approach?  


How can you best help your child?

All professionals and parents ask that question at one time or another but sometimes it can feel very difficult to find the answers you have been hunting for.   

Sometimes you may have been hunting for a very long time.   

Here at the I Matter Practice we specialise in helping professionals and parents and young people gain solid foundations for improved relationship health in home and work roles

We also offer preparation for the parenting-caring  and professional roles, especially for those caring for children who are being adopted or looked after or who have additional needs.

I Matter Informed Practice means practice that is informed by an understanding of the I Matter Framework.  In an I Matter Approach we start off by ensuring that you and your team members are well prepared for your very important role with children who are struggling with practical ideas that MAKE SENSE. 

Our view is that the importance of the adult role has been seriously overlooked.


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What Exactly is I Matter Informed Practice for Parents-Carers and Professionals?

I Matter Informed Practice is an approach to caring for children and adults which puts the dynamic process involved in preparing for, prioritising, maintaining or restoring relationship health at the heart of the developmental process of supporting children and adults at home and at work.   

In an I Matter approach we are focused on understanding not just on what is happening for the child or other but on what is also being evoked in us as the adult who is participating in the process and wanting to play a positive role.  We cannot progress things for the child or other without developing deep awareness of the part we are also playing.

The I Matter Framework is a carefully designed integration of the research evidence on what is needed to help children and adults thrive.  Study of the core principles, or pillars of the I Matter Framework, provides professionals and parents with a practical language that turns complex concepts into tools for talking through what is happening in child and in ourselves in everyday challenging moments. 

It is through the process of stepping back and observing our child and ourselves with the help of the I Matter concepts (each of them well-evidenced ideas supported by decades of research evidence) that form the I Matter Framework that we start to become able to act more consciously and therefore more effectively.

The I Matter Framework and the linked I Matter Wheel is offered as a practical curriculum foundation for the overlooked issue of the training needs of parents and carers and frontline professionals as regards the role played by the adult in the social emotional development of the child.

The purpose of the I Matter Framework is not to replace other good practices.  The intention is to help parents and professionals gain a strong understanding of some key principles and a systematic approach to building missing skills that are essential for the emergence of relationship health which in turn is vital to best outcomes in mental health and welling, education, physical health and safer communities.

We believe that commitment to a longer term, life span learning journey is the best way of building yourself the complex and valuable skills that will help you make the most effective contribution to the relationships for your child and others that matter most in your own home, work role and community roles.   By investing in you, you can make a difference!

Who is an I Matter Journey For?

An I Matter Journey can be of interest to professionals and parents-carers who want to make a difference.

We offer our Awareness Programme and the I Matter Five Steps core programme as a self-paced learning journey

The I Matter Core Journey for Parents-Carers can be used for
Preparation for Relationship Health  for those preparing for couple life, a new baby or the role of adopter or foster carer
Strengthening Relationship Health for Parents-Carers (everyday needs and early intervention for children and families)
Restoring Relationship Health for Parents-Carers (raised concerns - requiring an initial clinic assessment)

Because of the levels of complexity and needs that we are often asked to support with, we offer the I Matter Journey for Parents-Carers only in partnership with member organisations and via approved i Matter Trained professionals.  Professionals who train with us can therefore benefit personally and professionally from I Matter Training in 4 ways

i) Build their own I Matter informed relationship health skills for direct relationships with children and adults at home and at work
ii) Work with their own local networks to build greater understanding of the I Matter Framework and implications for practice
iii) Contribute to informed referral pathways for parents-carers who can benefit from the Strengthening Relationship Health Core Programme
iv) Build their own skills so as to support improved access for parents-carers to the Restoring Relationship Health Core Programme