What is I Matter Informed Practice?
I Matter Journey's Help You To Improve Adult-Child Relationship Health

What is I Matter Informed Practice?  


How can you best help your child?

All parents and professionals ask that question at one time or another but sometimes it can feel very difficult to find the answers you have been hunting for.   

Sometimes you may have been hunting for a very long time.   

Here at the I Matter Practice we specialise in helping professionals and parents and young people where difficulties with a focus child have been present for more than 9 months and what has been tried so far has seemed to be ineffective. 

We also offer preparation for the parenting-caring role, especially for those caring for children who are being adopted or looked after or who have additional needs.

I Matter Informed Practice means practice that is informed by an understanding of the I Matter Framework.  In an I Matter Approach we start off by ensuring that you and your team members are well prepared for your very important role with children who are struggling with practical ideas that MAKE SENSE. 

Our view is that the importance of the adult role and notably the parent-carer role has been seriously overlooked in a great deal of professional practice.

So we also offer training for professionals who are supporting children and families and wanting to develop effective practices.


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I Matter Training can support both preventative work and specialist supportive interventions for families.
Our core focus is on supporting or restoring relationship health - in all its forms - adult-child and adult-adult

Our approach to working with families is quite simple:

STEP 1:  We work with parents-carers to complete a thorough in depth assessment process to understand more about why the difficulties are present.   This can include exploring what diagnoses may be relevant or helpful

STEP 2: We focus on helping you find the way forward.    Our approach to this is very specific:

+ We offer you the I Matter Training Journey.  This is a back to basics step by step approach to understanding what the research is saying best helps children and adults to thrive.  One key idea you will learn about is dynamic loops.   This is the most overlooked element of practice in children's mental health and wellbeing 
+ We help you identify priorities and set clear goals - this is what we call the I Matter Challenge
+ We support you in figuring out how I Matter thinking can help you to help your child and yourself make progress with your goals
A key priority through all of our work is on the restoration of Relationship Health
We find that when relationships are restored to a healthier place then most difficulties will naturally find resolution

STEP 3: we review how things are progressing and check with you whether further focus is needed on next steps