About I Matter Relationship Health Training

Learning to care for ourselves, our children, each other and our planet

You do not move on with personal, local and global problems by blaming others.  You start with You.

What is I Matter Training?

The I Matter Framework offers a practical integration of decades of research evidence on what helps children and adults to thrive

I Matter Training provides an educational and coaching programme and a personal and professional development pathway for adults and young people.  It is for those who want to develop their understanding of relationship health as a foundation for improved mental health and wellbeing.  The core programme is designed as a short-term, time limited intervention intended to complement, rather than replace, the work of specialist mental health services. 

Through a 12-week cycle of 4 x 60 minute-small group sessions that introduce the core ideas and 4 x 60 minute fortnightly consolidation discussions the approach helps adults and young people to step back from everyday challenges to gain clarity about the way forward and their own role and choices.

The visual tools of the I Matter Framework and the non-judgemental informal and collaborative tone of discussions helps a process of organising complex experiences into manageable ideas that can be thought about and discussed in an empowering fashion.  This is what sets I Matter Relationship Health Training apart as a new way forward in child and family practice.

Fivesteps to success

The I Matter Fundamentals is the entry level programme

It is offered in  three formats

+ online with group sessions
+ locally via taught sessions with study support
+ via our locality  online learning account with study support

Trainee and Certified facilitators can facilitate small group discussion in their own localities

After the Fundamentals, those interested in additional coaching support can apply for the I Matter Learning Journey with Community Sessions or the I Matter Master Plan which offers more intensive implementation support with our experienced coaches.