The I Matter Learning Journey 

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The I Matter Learning journey is for personal and professional development for roles with adults and chidren.  The core courses are for educational purposes.  We work with individuals and organisations, currently in the Kendal area to take forward relationship health practice

I Matter Learning Journey

Relationship Health concerns vital long term issues! 

When relationship health is present, we know it.   It feels good
When it is not present, we also know it.  It doesn't feel good

Relationship health and ill-health impacts every single aspect of life.
However we rarely if ever get any training in the skills involved.
The truth is there is a lot involved.

Thankfully, it's never too late to make a difference.
However good preparation can really help avoid common challenges
And good foundations can help turn challenging situations around.

The I Matter Learning Journey equips you with solid foundations:
Complemented by The Community Wheel
We work in phases: 
+ First Courses
+ Learn I Matter: Learn the Framework (Level 1 with Fundamentals)
+ Living I Matter: Deepen and Extend (Level 2-3)
+ Offer I Matter:   Helping Us Help Others (Level 4-6)

Each person's learning journey is unique with always more to learn

Fivesteps to success

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To join the Level 1 programme requires an expression of interest with a recommendation and an initial registration and consultation step.   Places are limited.   Prices are in beta and subject to adjustment with some current early bird discounts ** - please enquire


This short programme is supported by certified Leads and by a local Community Wheel
5+ key ideas
1 month
plus annual 
Via members



The Fundamentals offers a condensed L1 course that offers the big picture fast 
12+ Key Ideas
3 months closed group
via local members
Via members



The level 1 introduces the theory for professionals and determined learners
24 + key ideas
3 months Tues eve
plus annual 
Rolling registration


LEVEL 2-3:

The level 2-3 membership supports the theory to practice in a variety of  roles
36 + key ideas
on application 1 year+ 
Level 2 Prep 
Level 3 Practicum


LEVEL 4-6:

Certified practitioners membership by application to
varied roles
Even more key ideas!
1 year plus annual
Lead + Org Host
On request


We love introducing  individuals and organisations to the resources and thinking of the I Matter Model and the I Matter Framework as both help introduce clarity and more confidence about the way forward to best help adults and children who are struggling at work and at home.

There are different pathway options impacted by your role, and the nature of your focus situation.  We encourage people to start with becoming a Friend of Relationship Health.  The entry level training is known as Getting Started, best supported by local certified practitioners.  Clinical pathways start with a registration step and the Fundamentals.  The Core Training starts with Level 1,  

For information about coming live events please check our workshops

I Matter is a registered trademark and the resources are protected in order to preserve the fidelity of the approach.  During training, resources are licensed to you for your own personal use only, until such time as you become appropriately certified via our licensed pathways.   All I Matter training in the UK and overseas is overseen by Cathy Betoin. We are currently focussed on building a network of practitioners. Please be respectful of the work involved in getting to this point.   No other training or accreditation in the I Matter® Framework is approved of or recognised by I Matter Training Ltd.   For questions please contact us.