Level 2:  Living I Matter
The I Matter Process

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

Level 2 Certificate: Learn the I Matter Process
Solid foundations for healthier and happier adult-child and adult-adult relationships

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What is this training about?

What can you do to support healthier and happier relationships with the children and adults in your life?  Where should you start?   What if we could work together better to make a difference using some shared ideas?  Level 1 Learn I Matter training is intended for adults and young people who want to invest in developing their own insight and skills so as to have solid foundations for making a positive difference.  Training in the I Matter Framework aims to offer you a map. 

Every adult who lives and works with children knows about those difficult and challenging situations when it is hard to know what to do.  Once equipped with an understanding of the I Matter Framework the decision making in these situations become much easier, as does the team work and the process of finding the way forward..  

The I Matter Learning Journey teaches the theory and theory to practice of a Relationship Health approach.  Level 1 covers the theory included in the Fundamentals with more structured opportunities for personal reflection
+ Getting Started with the I Matter Model
+ The Pillars of the I Matter Framework

What topics are included

The Modules covered in Level 2 include: 

  • The Take Stock Process
  • The Importance of Routines
  • The Fine tuning process

What are the learning aims?

At the end of Level 2 you will:

  • Know how to use some simple assessment principles to gain clarity about priorities
  • Understand a full range of skills needed for the leadership role
  • Understand how to use the progress review process

Who is the training for?

Training in the I Matter Process is for you if you want to deepen your understanding of what is involved in supporting healthy relationships with children and other adults through understanding and critical skills.    People join the training to: 

  • Preparation for roles involving relationships with children and adults
  • Strengthening relationships
  • helping relationships recover
  • Learn about the issue of Relationship health in a general fashion

For example:  You might want to:

  • Help work or family life feel easier and more enjoyable than it is right now
  • Feel more confident in your role as a parent-carer or educator or partner
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Shout less and connect more.
  • Have ideas about what to do in times when you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re stuck.
  • Want to be able to find the words to say.
  • Get on the same page with a partner or with your colleagues
  • Handle things better with your child or others and are not sure why it always goes babdly

Is the training for professionals or for parents?

The Level 2 can be for professional training for those who support children and families.  You could be a senior leader, a frontline professional in a health or education, or community field.    Or you could be interested in better insight into personal relationships, with children, or other adults. 

The course is relevant for all relationships but is particularly important for those who support children or adults with additional developmental needs or those who have experienced trauma or other life challenges.

The course is relevant for determined parents and carers who want to know how to help their own child.   However it must be accessed with a recommendation from an I Matter certified practitioner linked to a member organisation

The course content is not suitable for those in complex or escalated or high risk situations without locally I Matter certified support

How does the online training work?

The course is suitable for anyone who is ready to learn   The process starts with an expression of interest and an initial brief discussion before a more formal registration step

The course includes a preparation step before the first week and an initial welcome stage and workshop.   Approximately 18 hours learning will be provided in total, including reflective and experiential practice.

You will initially have access to the training for 4 months.  This is to encourage you to keep focussed.
During this time you will be invited to take part in our fortnightly members sessions (weeks 1&3 for parents-carers and weeks 2&4 for professionals).   In these sessions we explore the implications of the I Matter Framework and speak with professionals and parents-carers representing different roles and situations.

At the end of the 4 months you can retain access to your course if you become an individual member.  Access to Level 2 is also by application

How is the training presented?

The training teaches complex concepts using a series of powerful posters with the intent to show how a range of ideas from different research traditions are connected.  The concepts in the posters are taught through recorded video teaching by Dr Cathy Betoin

Who is the trainer?

Dr Cathy Betoin is a highly experienced practising child clinical psychologist and ex-primary teacher.
Cathy has practised for over 30 years in schoolsl child psychology and CAMHS services with children and families experiencing a wide range of challenges

Summary Details

Online Course:   Level 2: Relationship Health Foundations: 24 hours self-paced online study 
Online study with registration step
Get Started     
  Preparation steps
Free 3 months Learning Community membership 

Option for special interest small group discussion or Individual consultations

On completion of the online programme alone you can describe yourself as I Matter Aware (Level 1 online only)
We advise working through the content in an intensive period 


PLEASE NOTE: The level 2 is not a train the trainer programme   The focus is on developing your own insight and confidence in everyday situations.  The resources offered through the I Matter  Learning journey are protected for personal development purposes and are not for copying, distributing or use in professional roles unless you progress to a certified role.