I Matter Core: Step 4: I Matter Process 

Helping You to Help Children Who are Struggling -  with Theory made Practical


In the I Matter Process Step of your training you will be learning about the I Matter Emotion Coaching Process we use to support the development of the skills needed to support conflict management in an I Matter Intervention.   Now that you have a strong understanding of the I Matter Framework the importance of this process will start to make a lot more sense

We will explore how to develop your own role and skills of communication to inform how to progress deeper connections and more effective conflict management which is effective to relationship health.  You will learn how to use them to build a team approach.


Suitable for:  Professionals and Parents.  This training is particularly targeted to those who are working in a direct relationship with a child who is anxious and challenging and is by application; 

+ Teaching assistants and teachers working with a specific child
+ Parents and Carers supporting a specific child
+ Experienced practitioners supporting families who want to progress to Supporting Others Training in Lead Professional or Specialist Advanced Practitioner training 

Pre-requisites:  Completion of Step 2 and Step 3

Step 4: Learning Outcomes    I Matter Process  

By the end of this course you will:

1. Know how to identify the I Matter Process in everyday situations
2. Know how to use emotion focussed coaching to support your child's developing skills in conflict resolution
3. Know how to think about your setting as a place in which the skills of relationship health are developed as a top priority

Study Support Options
Course Forum support OR

Fortnightly Live Q&A 
1:1 short/longer calls (extra fee)

Course remains open for 12 weeks with option for extension fee or membership of I Matter Network

This course is taken alongside Step 3.   On completion of this course you will receive:
An attendance certificate for 10 hours I Matter Training for your CPD file or CV

What comes after Step 3 and Step 4 Training?
You can progress to Step 5 and to the Extended Journey


Welcome to an important and exciting learning journey!

Remember that The I Matter Step 3-4 course is not just a set of lessons and resources. It is not something just to get done - it is an experience to savour...You can become part of a supportive and enthusiastic group of professionals and parents who are working together to build a new approach to supporting children and families

Dr Cathy Betoin - Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent