I Matter Stage 1 Certifications

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting


Would you like to feel confident that you were supporting Adult-Child relationship health in the best way possible in your own community?

Stage 1 Certification is about evidencing that you have understood how to embed I Matter Principles in your Every Day Practices

Foundation Stage Certification - All children and Young People
Intermediate Stage Certification - Children with additional needs
Advanced Stage Certification - Focussing on a specific area of interest

Stage 1 Certifications involve
i) Registering and receiving information on how to complete your Log book
ii) Participation in Stage 1 Case Discussions - minimum of 6 each stage
iii) Submitting your log book for review
iv) Taking part in a one hour Interview.

Completion of all three Stage 1 Certifications means you are entitled to call yourself an I Matter Stage 1 Certified Practitioner
Completion of Stage 1 is needed if you want to complete Stage 2 Certifications.