Workshop Programme for Young People

We are excited to offer the following webinars...

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Join the Network: Youth Friends of Relationship Health

Would you like to see the skills needed to support relationship health given more active support and be part of finding solutions?  

We invite you to join with an adult to join our network that is exploring new ways of approaching child and mental health and wellbeing practice informed by a relationship health approach.

We run an online event 4 x a year to update on our project progress 
Tuesday - 28th March 5-6pm  Online
Thursday June 1st 8.00-9.15pm
Thursday Aug 31st 8.00-9.15pm


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How to help yourself when you and others are struggling - Getting Started with the I Matter Model

This workshop is usually offered via member schools and occasionally as a more open invitation.  The I Matter Model offers the foundation of Relationship Health Practice. There will also be an invitation to join our network:  Friends of Relationship Health

By Invitation via member schools and services
4th Tuesday of the month


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Local Event:  Welcome to the Community Wheel

Friends of Relationship Health in Kendal are taking forward a new project known as the Community Wheel.  Invitations to this event will be offered via member schools

By Invitation - via member schools and services
5th Tuesday of the month