Relationship Health Matters:  in Primary Care

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

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Relationship health is a key but often overlooked issue in the work of primary care practitioners such as GP's and health visitors.

Decades of research has demonstrated that Relationship health is a key foundation for physical health and mental health but the skills involved have been no-one's priority

Our view is that all primary care practitioners should have a basic understanding of Relationship Health principles and of the I Matter Framework.   This is to support

+ understanding of everyday practice issues seen in clinics and teams
+ ability to recognise relationship illhealth presentations
+ ability to recognise understanding and skills gaps in young people and adults
+ personal and professional wellbeing at work and
+ matters involving work-home life interactions.   

For this intention we would advise at least supported Level 1 training.   
Some will wish to progress to learning more or to certification for helping others.

Some primary care networks will be interested in working with local schools and services to develop a community hub starting off with a community connector account

In the Kendal Primary Care Network we have brought together GP's and social prescribers with local schools to explore the issues which impact on everyone's practice.