I Matter Specialist Assessment and Recommendations



So you want to help your child.    You are ready for the challenge of learning some new ideas and for improving relationship  health.

However, how can you know what to focus on if you don't clearly know where you are starting or where you are headed?   This is why all I Matter Journey's for parents-carers start with an initial registration process

The initial step helps start of the thinking process about who needs to be involved.


The I Matter Specialist Assessment is a key additional step for anyone who wants to take part to help a child where there are raised concerns or longer term needs.

It is generally combined  with the 30 day First Steps Course for those where there are raised concerns or longer term needs.  It offers a carefully designed questionnaire and consultation and recommendations process which helps parents and professionals get started on the I Matter Challenge and on understanding I Matter Practice. 

The initial assessment stage supports a fast understanding of the priorities that are needed to help a child who is struggling or challenging. 

Our focus is not just on your child but also on your needs.   
We also focus on understanding your current readiness to commit to the work involved in making a difference.

Therefore the First Steps 30 Days Starter Package (the specialist assessment and some initial training) becomes an opportunity for all parties to reflect on the best way forward.

The recommendations then involve setting out the commitment that will be needed in order to see best results from an I Matter study process. 


According to your specific circumstances these recommendations may include:

+ more escalation/complexity: a 30 day intensive period of supported online study to gain clarity on big picture first with support for progress on with Intensive Course and Foundation A consolidation and identification of specific goals via membership and/or 1:1 consultation package - aim for min 2 x a week online check in 

+ moderate concerns: active progress of online study via Foundation A Course and attention to specific goals with min 1 x a week online check in to complement - optional extra membership and/or 1:1 consultation package 

Our experience has also been that best results are always achieved when the adults living together in a household commit to studying I Matter together.   Therefore we strongly advise that the First Steps Stage is completed together in order to support some shared thinking.

Where funding for specialist support exists, the in depth online assessment can be complemented by a more in depth personalised process of getting to know you and your child and their wider context of school and family, where this is appropriate. Together these are designed to help you take stock and think about the way forward.  Later you will be able to review your progress and ensure you are on track to meet your goals for your child and family well-being and positive developments.

Please note: all parents and carers who want to take part in I Matter Training must be able to provide the name of an approved I Matter Link or Lead Professional