Join the Relationship Health Matters Workplace or Corporate Membership

One important detail that we know about relationship health is that it needs other people!   
Noone can restore an unhealthy relationship to a more healthy place without support of others and a team approach  
Joining the Community is a way of connecting with others who are exploring the same questions and challenges

Help Yourself and Help Others to make a difference

The Relationship Health Matters Workplace or Corporate Membership Aims to Help Leaders to Help Your Own Community

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The Relationship Health Matters Workplace and Corporate Membership aims to support workplaces and corporates who want to assist their own communities in progressing an understanding of the issue of relationship health 

Mission of Relationship Health Matters Workplace and Corporate Membership: 
To provide resources that support workplaces and corporates in engaging their own communities in networking, support, education and resources to learn more about how to create the conditions to support improved relationship health in home and school and community settings

To promote better child and adult mental health outcomes through improving the availability and quality of education, support and skills development opportunities for relationship health issues

The Relationship Health Matters Workplace and Corporate Membership provides

+ access to training and support solutions with a focus on relationship health including:
+ Virtual and Local Study Support opportunities
+ Virtual and Local Social opportunities
+ Virtual and Local Common Interest Groups
+ Helpline
+ Campaigning on questions of relationship health professional practice in health and education

Membership Options


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Opportunities to explore
an Organisational Rethink Process

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Relationship Health Matters Community

Relationship Health Matters Rethink

I Matter Five Steps Training

I Matter Practitioner Training

Flexible Solutions
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If your School or Services or Agency would like to become part of this membership so as to develop your thinking about child and mental health practices, please check out options for schools and services, or for organisations.

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