The I Matter: Intermediate Stage: Thinking Developmentally 

Helping You to Help Children Who are Struggling -  with Theory made Practical



In the Intermediate Stage of training we take a close look at some vitally important details about how children develop.    This knowledge is more and more important and yet there are many professionals and parents who support children and families who do not have a good enough understanding of children's development 

So the Intermediate Stage is all about helping you to do some deeper thinking about what I Matter Thinking means for your child in your specific situation.    The course will help you start to think in detail about the skills that your child needs support with and about how to go about creating such opportunities.   So it is best to see the course as again giving yourself reflection time and time to benefit from learning from the experiences of others.   

At the Intermediate Stage Your Mission or Challenge.... should you choose to accept it.... is to spend the next 4-6 months diving into the details of childrens social emotional development and reflecting with others about your own key role in relation to one or more children - maybe a child who is struggling - so that you can build your confidence and understanding of what key steps are needed from you to make a difference to their mental health and well-being -- and your own.

"The information drawn together in the Intermediate Course has brought I Matter to life.  I am learning so much that is helping me to help my child"  Adopter

"I couldn't believe how much I didn't know.  I would really like more of my colleagues to complete this training" Social Worker


Welcome to an important and exciting learning journey!

Remember that The I Matter Intermediate Stage course is again not just a set of lessons and resources. It is not something just to get done - it is an experience to savour...You can become part of a supportive and enthusiastic group of professionals and parents who are working together in the Kendal and Morecambe Bay area to create a new approach to supporting children and families

Dr Cathy Betoin - Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent


In the Intermediate stage we dive into the details of the foundations of children's social emotional development.  This is an area that is very poorly understood in both education, health care and social care practice but it is vitally important when working for best results with the most vulnerable children.

The Intermediate A covers essential theory delivered through videoed teaching sessions and study support small group webinars and forum 

INTERMEDIATE ONE - Where are We Now? Thinking Developmentally
INTERMEDIATE TWO - How Did we Get Here? How do Difficulties Emerge?

INTERMEDIATE THREE: How Escalation Happens
INTERMEDIATE FOUR - Brain Differences
INTERMEDIATE FIVE - How do we get there? Start with You!
INTERMEDIATE SIX - Building Your Child's Skills

I Matter Q review with email recommendations
Videoed teaching sessions from Dr Cathy Betoin
Questions and worksheets that support reflection


Study support continues to be a really important part of an I Matter Learning Journey.
We encourage everyone to start an I Matter Intermediate Course by joining a Welcome and a Live snall group Taking Stock Plus Workshop

You can then access a dedicated course forum for the course duration - this is the core package

Forum support  can be supplemented by: 
i) scheduled online study support classes - run online by I Matter Direct Lead Professionals 
ii) scheduled local study support classes run by licensed lead professionals
iii) a combination plan of central and local sessions

Time Limits
We provide a time-limit as we find this improves completion rates -
The time limit for intermediate A is based on 2 half terms - 18 weeks

In addition to a Welcome and Taking Stock Plus session you ill have an entitlement to 6 study support sessions and a completion celebration

If you want to extend your access you may take out a basic membership or an enhanced support membership


The Intermediate B course is a 6 week Theory to Practice Intensive.   It is particularly suitable for those with direct face to face caring responsibilities for one or more specific children.

You will log onto a group platform 3-4 x a week to share your reflections on I Matter in practice with a focus child or situation.   Your online coach and group members will provide supportive feedback.

We offer professionals an opportunity to complete this exercise in a parent role.  This is only suitable when relationship challenges are not currently escalated.   It can however be a very powerful learning experience.

Everything you need to get started

The I Matter Intermediate Stage builds on formats introduces in the Foundation stage.

The course is suitable for those in everyday and higher pressure professional and parenting situations.  It is helpful to have a focus child.  However this does not have to be a current relationship


This approach rebuilds the hope and confidence of professionals and parents by providing a language and concepts that we can all work together with that ties elements together. It just makes complete sense

Dr Amy Lee: GP Safeguarding Lead - Kendal Integrated Care Community

Our Money Back Guarantee

Afraid you might make an impulsive decision?  Don't worry. we offer 30 day money back guarantees, no questions asked if you have made an impulsive decision and not started but know you can't commit OR if you have completed the course as it is set out and are sure that you have not got important learning from it  However we're certain you're going to find it interesting - and if there is something you think we could improve please share your feedback!