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IMPORTANT Message from Dr Cathy Betoin:  Founder and  Developer of the I Matter Training Journey:   The I Matter Training Journey was developed over a period of more than 15 years to help professionals and parents become better trained and equipped for the care of the anxious or challenging or vulnerable child.  The journey is very carefully structured based on years of clinical and teaching experience of what works best to help adults and young people - especially those in overwhelm - to start to work together well in challenging situations over the longer periods of time that are commonly needed to make a difference - putting the issues of relationship health at the centre.   

Whilst some aspects of I Matter look simple, in more challenging and stuck situations the details of the process become very important and require the support of highly trained and highly skilled practitioners.   The learning process is an ongoing one.   So though we want to get I Matter thinking out into everyday practice, we also want to assure a high quality level of understanding. 

Therefore it is very important that you do not overestimate or misrepresent your training status.  An I Matter Informed Approach can support improvements in practice only when done carefully and thoughtfully.   The ideas are powerful and very important but an I Matter Training Journey does not offer any quick fixes and should never be used in this manner.   So, when you complete I Matter Training at Everyday Awareness or Stage1 the core principle is that you must travel thoughtfully and carefully remembering that in the first instance, the resources are for your own personal use and personal development only.  You can use the principles learned in the first stages to think about yourself and your own family situation but you should not copy or distribute the resources or use them to train others.   

Instead encourage others to think about their own I Matter Journey.   if you are a Professional the resources can inform your thinking about your own role and your clients needs, but resources should only be used with clients or colleagues for the purposes of sharing the availability of I Matter Training with them. The key message is that you must focus first only on what small step changes YOU can make in the way you do things in your own role and setting.. in the first instance, this could simply be through changes in your own insight and attitudes and approach in your own immediate relationships and responsibilities.

These strict conditions are to protect the fidelity & quality of the I Matter Journey Experience.  Assessment Tools should not be used in any professional reports or decision making process unless supported by a Stage 2 Licensed Lead Plus Professional or Advanced Practitioner.  To use the tools in your professional role, or share I Matter actively with others or you will need Stage 1 Certifications and Stage 2 training.  You can apply to become a Stage 2 Trainee on completion of Stage 1 intermediate A training.

Parents and Carers and professionals are advised that the steps of the journey are there for a reason, and the quality of support obtained for an I Matter Journey is key to best outcomes.  Consequently, finding the right, appropriately informed support is a vital part of the process that should be taken very seriously.

The I Matter Framework was developed as an integrative theoretical approach because in 2021 the models of practice that are currently offered in child and family mental health practice with the anxious or challenging or vulnerable child, still miss out some very key details of what the research evidence is really saying.   The result has been some huge gaps in professional and parent understanding and gaps in good practice when it comes to the challenges found in implementation of care for vulnerable children. This is notably seen in an everyday lack of recognition of the vital importance of insight into stress and wellbeing states as seen in children and in adults, and gaps in understanding of child development, brain development and the adult role.    

Training in the i Matter Framework therefore  offers a carefully taught back to basics practical integration of this theory and research intended simply to make the research conclusions easier to understand - so as to support better team decision making and clearer oversight of complex care situations.   The practice of I Matter looks simple but can often be very challenging due to the deep personal journey that it can involve for parents and carers and for professionals, and due to the numbers of people that commonly are implicated.  So we believe in small careful steady steps.   Focus first on your own learning journey.  Explore deep so that you can find out where the gaps in your own understanding are.

A good I Matter Journey is generally full of lightbulb moments!  So be ready and take your time!  Remember that you can make a difference!

Awareness: Informed Practitioners or ParentsInformed Practice Award - resources for own use only with no copying permitted
Bridging: Trainee and Approved Link Professionals. Senior Link and Heads, Directors and Commissioners - focus on implementation implications.
Stage 1  Extended Journey Foundation/Intermediate/Advanced with certification options and  I Matter Mentor Award - Direct roles with children  
Stage 2 Trainee and Approved Lead, Lead Plus, Advanced Practitioners = Working with indirect roles: Parents and Professionals

Can I Use the I Matter or Relationship Health Trademarks  or Names  and Logo

To highlight that your own approach is strongly influenced by or aligned with I Matter and Relationship Health principles as the primary methodology though you are not affiliated with I Matter. This is PERMITTED if you as the author  have completed Stage 1 Extended Journey and obtained our consent and if you give full attribution and non affiliation statements

To name a programme or service NOT PERMITTED unless program  is run by an approved Trainee or Lead Prof  by our guidelines and has our written consent

To describe your own school or service  NOT PERMITTED unless your org is a member and you have an Approved Lead

As a Credential: You can state the level of your certificate or Award as I Matter Aware or using I Matter principles but you must not use I Matter Practitioner  as a title unless you have completed approved training for Stage 2 accreditations as Lead, Community Wheel Facilitator, Lead Plus  or Advanced Practitioner roles

In a book or product title
NOT PERMITTED unless part of a resource that has had explicit consent from us and is agreed as part of our resource toolkit

To promote an event or workshop NOT PERMITTED unless specifically offered by an approved I Matter Lead

Can I teach or train <others> with I Matter materials or versions ?

Sharing with Parents-Carers or Young People via face to face sessions. At Awareness or Stage 1, Permitted for informal discussion only with intent to discuss training availability  COURSE NOTES ARE - NOT FOR COPYING OR DISTRIBUTION  You can offer training only if you are a Stage 2 Trainee or Approved Lead Prof or Adv Practitioner (clinical assessment)

Sharing via Face-to-face Feedback to Professionals in my own org setting BRIEF FEEDBACK PERMITTED. More depth only permitted if  an approved Stage 2 Trainee Lead or an Advanced Prof 

Sharing via face to face with General public in my locality NOT PERMITTED unless you become licenced as a Stage 2 Trainee Lead or Advanced Practitioner with agreed plan

Sharing with Parents-Carers or Young People for online sessions   NOT PERMITTED unless approved as a Trainee Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner and with clients having own dedicated online learning account and explicit agreement to offer online supported learning

Sharing via online with Professionals in my own org setting  BRIEF FEEDBACK PERMITTED+ ONLY IF PASSWORD PROTECTED 

Sharing via online with General public using digital resources NOT PERMITTED unless you are licenced as a Stage 2 practitioner with an agreed action research plan

Can I use the I Matter Assessment tools in my home or practice?

For my own informal use at home.   PERMITTED FOR YOUR OWN USE
You may download single versions labelled (for personal use only) from the Extended Journey courses.   You must not copy or distribute these versions. You may only use the tools professionally if you complete the agreed stage 1 and stage 2 certifications.

Sharing with professionals.  You can show informally via a display version  but must not copy or distribute unless your school has a Lead Plus licence

For distributing to public NOT PERMITTED.  For giving to clients Only if you have a Stage 2 certification and they are registered..

Can I display, copy, convert into digital or audio or translate or adapt or create derivatives of I Matter resources?

Printed Adaptations to use For Parents-Carers or Young People NO COPYING OF RESOURCES PERMITTED.  CREATION OF DERIVATIVES PERMITTED FOR PAPER RESOURCE ONLY IF CONSENT obtained from us for versions that support your direct work  Only for Stage 2 Trainee or Approved Lead or Adv Practitioners.  Organisational members and individual members may display our agreed list of selected posters only to highlight engagement in the development process.

Printed Adaptations for profs in own setting  You can share BRIEF SUMMARY OF KEY ETHOS but only with our agreed formats unless you are an Advanced Prof - with agreed consents

Printed Adaptions for sharing with general public face to face NOT PERMITTED WITH ANY VERSIONS without full written consent.

Digital Adaptations For Parents-Carers or Young People  DIGITAL COPIES OR DERIVATIVES ARE  NOT PERMITTED for sharing for online support for clients unless you are a Stage 2 Trainee or Approved Lead or Advanced Practitioner with full consent to create an adaptation.- Users should have their own I Matter approved online account with direct access for personal use

Digital adaptations for professionals in own setting You can share a BRIEF SUMMARY ONLY with agreed formats  As needed and only if on password protected site

Digital adaptations For general public online eg on blog  NOT PERMITTED WITH ANY VERSIONS without FULL Written consent

If it comes to our attention that you are not respecting these Terms and Conditions, we will be obliged to take action.