I Matter Outreach Programme

The I Matter Outreach Program is an expansion of the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey and Relationship Health Practitioner Certification Programme. This program is designed to make our Introduction, Getting Started, Level 1 and Level 2 and Level 3 Training programmes accessible and affordable to professionals and non-professionals by helping organisations in education, health and community offer the trainings as a supplement to their own courses and programs.

Find out more about the I Matter Outreach Program:

What is Online Getting Started, Level 1 and Level 2 I Matter Training

The I Matter Outreach Program combines teaching footage from training offered by Dr Cathy Betoin and Jacqui Wilson introducing and teaching the I Matter Framework which is a foundation for Relationship Health Practice.  The programmes also incorporate opportunities for group discussions and the opportunity to have questions answered by an experienced Certified I Matter Relationship Health Practitioner

Students will learn:

  • About relationship health as an overlooked idea in improving wellbeing and addressing challenges
  • An introduction to the I Matter Model
  • An introduction to the I Matter Framework Fundamentals 
  • An introduction to the I Matter Nuggets and GEMs reflective process

I Matter Introductions offers participants an introduction to some key concepts including readiness for change and the Five Steps to Success

I Matter Getting Started introduces participants to the I Matter Model and to a practical interactive exercise.   For more information on the Getting Started programme click here

Level 1 Learn I Matter will give participants a foundation for understanding the elements on which relationshi p health practice is built.   For more information on the Level 1 content and curriculum click here

Level 2 Living I Matter will help participants build on insights from Level 1 and explore how to put theory into practice. Participants are required to complete Level 1 before moving on to Level 2. For more information on the Level 2 content and curriculum, click here

Who would benefit from this training?

The I Matter Outreach Program is designed for professionals and non-professionals linked to partner organisations.

With a base working with health and education organisations in the Kendal area, this programme offers an opportunity to be part of sharing key principles of relationship health practice with your communities equipping adults and young people to feel more confident in relationships at home and at work.

Note: We strongly recommend Level 1 and Level 2 are only offered to participants who are actively motivated to learn and have a specific focus issue or relationship or situation that they want help to reflect on in order to build their own confidence.     Participants should not be 'sent' on this programme. 

How Does the Program Work?

The I Matter Outreach Program is entirely virtual. Students receive a custom coupon code and will have unlimited access after they activate their account to finish and revisit the material. You can easily integrate I Matter trainings into a university course or incorporate them as supplemental learning for your students. 

  • Same training used by professionals and non-professionals, with a deeply discounted price for groups of students.
  • Available for groups of students as small as 5!
  • No in-class time needs to be spent training – it can be done individually by each student, online and from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Free access for the instructor or administrator who is implementing Level 1 or 2 in their course(s) or program(s).

50% off for groups of students!
Introduction - £5 per person - (normally £8)
Getting Started - £75 per person (normally £150)
Level 1 – £250 per person (normally £495)
Level 2 – £250 per person (normally £495)

If you don’t have a group of 5 students, we offer an individual student discount of 20% off. Simply email hello@imattertraining.com from your student email address of your member organisation to get started!

Students can purchase the training themselves via a custom, discount code that we will create specifically for you.

Length of Access. Each student will own their online training. Students will create their own accounts on www.imattertraining.com, can watch on their own time, and will have 1 year unlimited continued access to the videos and content, for future reference.   If they wish to extend beyond 1 year, then a small membership fee makes this possible.

Course resources are provided immediately via digital download. Students can get started immediately, as everything they need is included online in the training. Buying a physical copy of the manual is still an option, and is available at a discounted price for students.

Facilitation is not needed, but there are integrated opportunities to come together as a group. This takes up none of your time in-class, unless you would like to arrange time for integrated group discussions or role-play exercises (instructions included). The training videos themselves can be watched entirely at home.

There is an assessment at the end of the training to test for completion. Students must receive at least 80% on the assessment, and those students will receive their certificates immediately. The assessment can be taken multiple times.

There are opportunities to attend Q&A sessions with a Certified Relationship Health Practitioner. Our experienced practitioners love answering student questions! These are pre-scheduled roughly every two weeks, and we will share registration links with your students.

Dr Cathy Betoin - Author of the I Matter Framework and Founder and Director of I Matter Training Ltd is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.  

After nearly 30 years of practice with children and adults with complex social emotional needs, Cathy is committed to finding ways to share the insights of I Matter Approach to Relationship Health as an approach to addressing child and adult mental health.   The I Matter Learning Journey combines assessment, psycho-education and coaching support to professionals and parents-carers, so that understanding increases between home and school and community.  

The I Matter Challenge offers an engaging way of sharing the insights of the I Matter Framework with a wider audience