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Welcome to I Matter Training for Professionals and Parents. 

i) Introductory Training some restricted via member schools and services. 
ii) Specialist assessment and intervention services. via referral from member schools and services

Here at the I Matter Practice we have been training professionals and parents in the I Matter Framework since 2010.   The I Matter focus is on restoring relationship health, including the vital place of health family relationships to the wellbeing and best outcomes for the child.  Our work is attachment focussed and built on an understanding of interpersonal stress regulation and trauma and the power of our beliefs and attitudes.

The truth is some rethinking is generally needed in the way that we care for children who are anxious or challenging

I Matter for Parents and Carers has three key strands for
i) Everyday I Matter Awareness Taster training or Preparation for the Parenting-Caring role via member schools or services - focussed on  the important adult role in healthy relationships
ii) For parents and carers where there are raised concerns about a child helping you to find a practical and effective way forward
iii) For parents and carers where there are complex and additional needs for a child and a need for a longer term bespoke home-school results focussed plan

The I Matter focus is always on helping adults to build the insights and skills to restore relationship health.  Our work is attachment focussed and built on an understanding of interpersonal stress regulation and trauma and the power of our beliefs and attitudes. 


I Matter Training for Parents and Carers can be a complement to other interventions as the focus is on building adult confidence.

We provide specialist assessment and intervention services which will offer you a clear view of the steps needed to make a difference to help your child.    This will include a focus on adult-child relationships and on adult-adult relationships as needed.

We strive to provide high quality services offering a welcoming environment that guides you in a step wise fashion towards confidence in helping yourself and your child - and the other adult-adult relationships that matter in this process.

At present, I Matter Training for Parents and Carers is provided via member schools and services.  We run two key pathways - one for the I Matter Taster programme and one  for families where there are raised concerns or longer term needs and a need for an initial assessment.   We are currently accepting new enquiries for I Matter Specialist Assessment and Training including training for the professional team.  We are currently only able to offer supported learning services to families with a GP in the Kendal area or linked to post adoption services.  Please speak to your GP who will contact us via our agreed referral route and one of our staff will contact you to discuss the circumstances regarding your needs    You can send us a message via www.imattertraining.com/contact-us. There is no charge for this initial consultation. 


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I Matter as an approach focussed on relationship health is relevant for a wide range of professionals and parents and situations with children and young people with a variety of ages and challenges,

However we have learned over the years that the help we offer is most effective when a few conditions apply:  

An I Matter Extended Journey where there are raised concerns involves a journey that is quite demanding.   So your commitment is very key.


1.  Actively wants to learn how to help your child or other?

2.  Are you ready to do the work - ie are you as the adult ready to study and to make changes and take specific actions to help your child?

3.  Are you ready to make a contribution to the costs of your own training - whether you are a professional or a parent?

We know some of the costs seem high so we aim to work with others to make training affordable for those who are want to develop their own skills.   However we know your own motivation to develop your own skills and invest your time and resources is also key to best outcomes.    TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Is this training relevant to the full range of children needs?

Yes!  Participation in I Matter Training is an opportunity to put time into understanding the foundations of your parenting or caring role so that you can fine-tune your approach and shift your confidence and effectiveness with your child to a new level.

You'll learn specific skills to strengthen all relationships, as well as having opportunities to think about a wide range of interrelated issues.  You'll find that you have a lot more fun and pleasure in your role and a lot more confidence that you are making the difference that matters.


AWARENESS-PREVENTION PATHWAY - FIRST STEPS COURSE IMPACT:  The first steps clips are not very long so easy to fit in to my day. I like a person talking to me rather than reading it. It makes it more personal, more supportive and more reassuring. I like the reflective question at the end which makes me look back on what has happened recently in a positive way. They have helped me to reflect on my day/ Each 'thought for the day' has been very relevant in my day-to-day work and at home with my family.     Parent and Teacher - First Steps Course

We were in a state of crisis or overwhelm but ready to learn.   I have liked how clear & simply put together the whole course is.   it is so well delivered for anyone to understand and highly informative.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  It has been game changing for our family.   Parent of child with additional needs - First Steps Course

As someone who has worked with young people for 20 years and is now an adopter myself, it is so refreshing to actually have a framework that really works and is a concrete process. I have always wanted to make a difference, but not always known how. I think the potential for the framework to be help communities is enormous.    Adoptive parent and Youth Worker



I Matter for Young People is usually only offered once parents-carers have completed intensive training.   The reason for this is that we are passionate that primary responsibility for restoring relationship health lies with the adults not with the young person

So I Matter can be offered to young people in relation to their own needs or as part of their role as older siblings.  

The learning can be offered through face to face sessions or through online learning as is best suited to the specific case.   I Matter for Young People is offered as part of the role of Advanced Practitioners.

Here is what one young person wrote recently about their online learning as siblings of a focus child.
The course was very good at recapping concepts and summing them up well.  There seemed to be a overarching structure of building up ideas slowly over time. it never really felt overwhelming and the study support was great.   The content was very relevant and helpful.
Since the training I am more conscious of how I interact with my sibling.  I stay as calm as I can even when he isn't, giving him space when he is overwhelmed and has fewer resources, but consistently initiating more physical contact with hugs and on a good day, head kisses.

FOUNDATION COURSE IMPACT: “This course has been so much more than I expected it to be. I have learned so many things that have changed my understanding of myself and of my child. I have worked with many services before this but this has really made the difference. Now I know why I Matter ”    Parent of a Complex Child

The I Matter approach of dealing with the adults before the children is such a useful way to look at things and has turned the dynamics on its head for me. I realised my stress levels are having a huge impact on all of us as a family and learning to change this is starting to make a difference.   Parent of Challenging Teen

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for parents and carers and teachers of the child who is challenging us.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!" - Parent and Foster Carer.

It has been an excellent course.  I liked how it showed compassion to parents and children.   I am making lots of changes!   Parent of 2 and 5yr old who completed First Steps and Foundation A

I will admit that when I started this programme I expected to have heard it all before because I have done so much of my own research...and attended so much training. However the clarity of this programme has struck me as if for the first time, which is fantastic.  Thank you.          Adoptive Mum and Teacher

“This course has been so much more than I expected it to be. I have learned so many things that have changed my understanding of myself and of my child. I have worked with many services before this but this has really made the difference. Now I know why I Matter ”    Teacher and Parent of a Child with an ASD diagnosis

 "The experience of learning online has been really good and I have been quite surprised by that as I thought I would miss the interaction with other participants more than I have.  I appreciated the on-line consultation and was able to work on the things you suggested with my child.  I also think that being able to 'try out' my learning with my child as the course has gone along has also really helped make the course have an immediate impact in a way that many courses don't.  The time and energy invested by me have been very worthwhile.”     Adoptive Dad and social worker,