I Matter Link Training For Professionals
Relationship Health for Schools and Communities

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I Matter Link Training for Professionals:
Relationship Health for Schools and Communities

Are you a professional who knows that relationship skills are
key to the long term wellbeing of children and adults.
Do you want to help your own community ?

Then I Matter Link Professional Training and
Relationship Health for Schools and Clinics is for you!


Link Training is a key part of organisation membership and helps an organisation ensure that they have a staff member who is an informed point of contact for Relationship Health practice.   

Once an organisation has a minimum of two staff members who are I Matter Informed (finished Step 1-2) and 1 Organisational Link then it is possible to progress Getting Started Certification

After this it is possible to progress with the I Matter in Education or I Matter in Communities Organisational Development package.

This offers an affordable way of sharing core principles or an I Matter Relationship Health Informed approach to improving outcomes. The package helps engage a team in thinking about strategy and the way forward.