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We are on a mission to promote better understanding of the overlooked issue of relationship heath. 
We would like to see shifts in thinking and we would love your support to be able to achieve them. 

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In challenging times, what should or could you invest in?   We aim to make it possible for professionals and parents to access the education and support needed to improve relationship health and healthy brain development as key to improved child and adult wellbeing and resilience.

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We see relationship health practice as an umbrella discipline linking good practice in diverse domains in education, health and community in such disciplines as child centred education, couples counselling, restorative practice,, psychotherapy, counselling, leadership coaching.  The network aspires to be an independent voice promoting the idea of relationship health across disciplines.

We are a small project and this is a big subject.  Joining the I Matter Friends of Relationship Health Network is a way to help us take discussions forward.    CLICK HERE

The mission objectives of the I Matter Network are to promote relationship health understanding for the public benefit as a means of improving child and adult wellbeing in all ages and sectors of society:  We aim to

a) Promote the availability of training in the I Matter Framework as a foundation for relationship health practice  in schools, in health, in community, the criminal justice system, and in the workplace where relationship health is key to best outcomes

b) Develop and promote agreed standards and principles for evaluating and guiding relationship health practice; and

c) Advance education and research on relationship health practice 

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