For Couples and Adult-Adult Relationships

Healthy Relationships are an essential element of wellbeing across the lifespan - contributing to adults mental health and physical health and confidence in their roles at work and in parenting and caring. Healthy relationships with partners and family members,  help us to help children and other adults allowing all involved to respond effectively to challenging situations. When Adult-Adult relationships are healthy, children have opportunities to learn the skills on which strong relationships depend.

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Poor Adult-Adult and Adult-Child relationship health is associated with high stress and increased impact on physical health and mental health across the lifespan. Poor relationships affect everything from confidence in the workplace, confidence in the caring role, safer communities and incidence of crime.

There are many different factors which can affect adults relationships which you can read about below. 


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Ask About Relationship Health Guidance Services

We understand how difficult life can be when there are relationship health issues between adults. Our aim is to support families to improve relationship health by offering workshops, clinics and written materials. We use a an I Matter Learning Journey approach to improving relationship health ep and work in partnership with families and communties, knowing that every relationship has its unique history and challenges and in which you are the key expert.

In some areas, our services are bought in by local services or funded by grants so that individuals and families can access more intensive guidance from our trained practitioners. To find out if there is a relationship health services in your area please contact us