Preparation:  Self Assessment

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

An I Matter Relationship Learning Journey offers education.
Most people are interested because they want to build their own confidence so that they can have stronger relationship health with a child or adult they work or live with.

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Learning about the I Matter Framework comes to life when you choose a focus relationship. 
This is a relationship in which you want to feel more confident in your ability to help.
What's your score?   And, if needed, what would it take to improve it?   
We are here to help you stick with it until you get the results you want!


An I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is designed to support individuals and communities in learning about and improving relationship health.  It involves professionals, parents and young people.

A learning Journey can be for
+ Senior Leaders
+ Professionals who work in education and health with children and families
+ Parents-carers who want to build their confidence in helping their own child
+ Young people who want to be part of finding the way forward

The core online study programme opens each half term.
It will start with a Getting Started Workshop and is supported by weekly Q&A sessions
based on pre-submitted questions.  The focus is on learning the I Matter Approach.   

A learning journey can support
Preparation for relationship health
Early intervention and strengthening of relationship health
Foundations for recovery of relationship health

However we know a higher level of supported learning is best in most situations.
This can be provided through participation in a small group or with 1:1 coaching.

Small Group Supported learning for I Matter Learning should be provided by I Matter Certified Professionals only who require an advanced level of training.   Therefore online study does NOT equip you to train others in the  I Matter Approach nor does it license you to distribute I Matter resources.  Instead, participation is to help you keep focused on your own learning.  We have seen that professionals and parents can help their own communities by becoming well informed, making it easier for families to access local discussions and pathways to their own training. 

Certified study support for online learning is best provided for parents-carers in a locally informed community setting, and can be supported with a number of funding options.

Please check the list of organisation members.

If having watched the video you would like to progress further, please complete
an expression of interest. This can be as an organisation, or as an individual.
We do hold a waiting list but will review your information and be in touch.