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I Matter Member Organisations and Trained Lead Professionals and Advanced Practitioners offer study support for an I Matter Journey

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What is the I Matter Directory

The I Matter Directory is a resource for families who are seeking professional help from I Matter trained practitioners. I Matter Directory members have received training in the I Matter Framework, an integration of the best available evidence on what helps children and adults thrive and why based on Dr Cathy Betoins experience as a teacher and clinical psychologist and parent.. Free to access, this database puts you directly in touch with experienced practitioners and clinicians who support an I Matter Informed Approach to Relationship Health Maintenance and Recovery.

Therapists listed on the I Matter DIrectory have been trained by Dr Cathy Betoin or by Certified I Matter Advanced Practitioners  to work with individuals, children, and/or families on many issues. Many of our therapists also have additional specialist experience in treating anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, abuse, and domestic violence, multi-cultural issues, and blended families, among others.

I Matter Directory Practitioners are currently located in Kendal, in the UK,  but with the opportunities offered by the internet may soon be available further available. I Matter Relationship Health Practitioners work from their own private practice or in schools or public agency offices

Whether you are in crisis or whether you need a fresh look at an ongoing problem, an I Matter Trained Practitioner or therapist will contribute their many years of training and experience toward helping you and your families create a healthier and happier relationships

What are the different levels or Stages of I Matter Trained Practitioners

While on the  I Matter Directory you’ll notice each practitioner listed has a level of training listed below their name. The colour green denotes a therapist who has attained the level of Certified I Matter Advanced Practitioners. All therapists listed on the GI Matter Directory have completed at least Level 2 Training in the applications of the I Matter Framework 

  • Certified I Matter Advanced Practitioner Prior to their intensive training with Dr Cathy Betoin, I Matter Advanced Relationship Health Practitioners completed a graduate degree in Psychology or a related field and were trained to provide therapy to individuals, families, children and/or adolescents as well as to couples. Many have had their own private therapy or public therapy practices for many years or even decades prior to entering training in I Matter Advanced Practice. Certified I Matter Advanced Practitioners have completed all levels of the I Matter Relationship Health clinical training track including the certification track.
  • Certified I Matter Lead Plus Professional Supervisor Prior to their training with Dr Cathy Betoin, I Matter Professional Supervisors have indepth experience of working with children and families in a lead pastoral role.  They will have a completed a graduate degree in Teaching or a related field with children  Many have had leadership roles with a special interest in the pastoral element of the role. Certified I Matter Lead Plus professionals have oversight responsibility for the quality of I Matter practice and inhouse training and safe and effective use of assessments to huld home-school partnerships
  • Certified I Matter Lead Professional  A Lead Professional is someone who has been learning how to support parents and professionals and Young People inhouse on an I Matter Core Journey.  This is a practical modular training in which our practitioners gain supported experience first as a Trainee in leading study support sessions series for families and professionals with a variety of needs - from less to more complex In addition to 3 core modules there are optional Lead Professional modules can specialise in working with Young People or in Preparation for Parenting or with Couples.  Certified Lead professionals are all graduates with a licensed professional qualification and experience in working with children and families.
  • Certified I Matter Facilitators  A Certified I Matter Facilitator is someone who is licensed to support the delivery of the home and school programme for parents and carers where there are everyday concerns
  • I Matter Parent or Professional Mentor: A parent or professional mentor is an expert by experience who has also worked through the I Matter Core and Extended journey and has considerable experience of working with an I Matter Approach with children and young people with a variety of needs I Matter Mentors can assist Leads in the delivery of inhouse study support services for an I Matter Journey for adults but do not take a Lead role.  

Lead Professionals and Facilirators listed on the I Matter Directory are all licensed professionals working with support of a member organisation.

Advanced Practitioners listed on the I Matter Directory are all licensed or certified therapists who practice independently in their country, state, or province.  They are not supervised or monitored by Dr Cathy Betoin or by I Matter Training Ltd.   However, each has been specifically trained to provide I Matter Framework informed consultations and guidance.

Are there any fees for using the I Matter Directory ?

Using the I Matter Directory to find an I Matter Informed Organisation or Practitioner is free of charge.

Fees for support provided by I Matter-trained practitioners are arranged directly with the independent practitioner unless they are providing a service through I Matter DIrect.    Many therapists accept insurance when applicable.

More Information

If you would like further information about the I Matter DIrectory, contact us 

What are the different Levels of Organisational Membership?

Getting Started Membership
+ Staff registered on initial training

I Matter Link Organisation
+ Minimum two staff including one member of your SLT with
+ Stage 1 Step 1-4 in I Matter Framework,  by completing the home study online course
+ Stage 1 Step 3-4 in I Matter Framework, by completing the home study online course
+ Working towards hosting a Lead Professional and/or Advanced Practitioner

I Matter Lead Organisation
A minimum of one staff member who is a Trainee or qualified and licenced to provide study support inhouse to adults for an I Matter Journey.   Lead Organisations need the support of an Advanced Practitioner in a consultation role.

I Matter Advanced Practice Organisation
A minimum of one staff member who is providing oversight of delivery and progress of complex home-school care packages within a specific locality.   


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