Relationship Health Extended Journey
Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Applications

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

The Extended Journey: Theory to Practice Course:  Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

The I Matter Extended Journey Course is intended for professionals and parents-carers who want to deepen and extend their understanding of how to put theory into practice with a Relationship Health Practice in more complex situations.  The teaching and materials are delivered through online workshops and/or via online teaching through our e-learning portal and live webinars. The supported core Extended Journey course is offered through. online study and discussion approximately 90mins for the online content for each module plus six additional discussions for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Stages.  Downloadable additional resources are also provided.

We can offer the course to parents/carers in areas where we are able to provide further support through our I Matter Trained Practitioners. Some families find that the information provided in the Step 1-5 Theory Course is enough to be able to make the necessary changes, where others need more ongoing learning opportunities   We run separate pathways for Strengthening Relationship Health and for Recovery of Relationship Health

The Extended Journey course elaborates on the content introduced in the Step 1-4 and applies the ideas to a range of more complex situations and issues.  The Extended Journey ensures exposure to the language of I Matter and provides a preparation for Lead Certification

The Modules covered build on the Step 5 Course
  • Foundation: Confusion to Clarity
  • Intermediate: Thinking Developmenally
  • Advanced:  Advanced Applications
Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the Extended Journeyyou will be able to:
  • Use an I Matter Approach to support work with more complex situations
  • Understand how to apply developmental thinking
  • Understand how to formulate common clinical issues with an I Matter Relationship Health Formulation

Course Cost   £500/licence                                                                                BOOK NOW

Pre-requisites Step 1-6:  Discounts available for group licenses
Please contact a member of our team for more information on these discounts.