Level 3:  Living I Matter
I Matter Extended Journey

Level 3:  Certificate in Relationship Health Practice The Extended Journey:
Theory to Practice Course:  Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

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The I Matter Extended Journey Course is intended for professionals and parents-carers who want to consolidate and to deepen and extend their understanding of how to put theory into practice with a Relationship Health Practice in more complex longer term learning situations.  Downloadable additional resources are also provided.

The Level 3 Extended Journey course elaborates on the content introduced in the Level 1-2 applies the ideas to a range of more complex situations and issues.  The Extended Journey ensures exposure to the language of I Matter and provides a preparation for Practitioner Certification

PLEASE NOTE: The resources offered through the Extended learning journey are protected for personal development purposes and are not for copying, distributing or use in professional roles.  The focus is on developing your own insight and confidence in everyday situations.  Those interested in training to be a practitioner can apply to practitioner training and work for certification.

What is this training about?

The I Matter Extended Journey Course is intended for professionals and non-professionals who want to deepen and extend their understanding of I Matter and Relationship Health in practice   Participants must have completed the Level 1 and Level 2 (Step 1-5 course) and taken part.with study support 

The course continues to explores the role of the adult in a leadership role in work and home roles and the implementation of the I Matter Process as a solid, science-based foundation of both knowledge and skills that is engaging and accessible to professionals and parents and young people alike, especially with regard to supporting the social emotional development of children and young people and other adults with challenges.   The Level 3 course uses 
The Wheel:  Everyday Applications
Foundation: From Confusion to Clarity
Intermediate: Thinking Developmentally
Advanced: Advanced Applications

Anyone interested in progressing to Extended Journey must first take part in small group learning.  At present places on small group learning are limited (we are working on it!)

What topics are included

The Modules covered in the Level 3 Course include:
  • Everyday applications of the I Matter Framework in varied roles
  • Further tools to deepen understanding of details
  • The essential foundations of development
  • Applications of the I Matter Framework to complex scenarios

What are the learning aims?

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of Extended Journey you will be able to:
  • Confidently know how to apply I Matter thinking in a wide range of scenarios
  • Use advanced formulation
  • Support a plan for change over a longer term period
  • Support others who are starting on an I Matter Learning Journey (as a Mentor or as a Trainee Lead - Level 4)


Who is Level 3 for?

I Matter Level 3 is further focussed on theory to practice.  For this reason it will be most useful to those who are in active relationships with young people or adults with some challenges as this will allow the material to come to life.   Alternatively practitioners who have had experience of working in challenging situations and are interested in progressing to certification will find this course relevant to their role

Is the training for professionals or parents?

I Matter Level 3: can be for arents and carers who want to know how to help their own child or for professionals supporting children with challenges, or for those interested in certification.   You could be a senior leader, a frontline professional in a health or education, or community field or you could be interested in better insight into personal relationships, with children, or other adults. 

The Level 3 course is relevant for all relationships but is particularly important for those who support children or adults with additional developmental needs or those who have experienced trauma or other life challenges or those who are in a supervisory role

The course can be combined with consultations to assist thinking about a specific child.

How does the online training work?

On receipt of payment you will be emailed a private link to this online training platform, to watch at your own pace in your own time.
The course includes a preparation and registration step

People join each level of the Extended Journey once a term
Approximately 18 hours learning will be provided in total, including reflective and experiential practice.

You will initially have access to the training for 12 months.  This is to encourage you to keep focussed.
After this you can retain access if you become an individual member or if your organisation has a current membership.

How is the training presented?

The training teaches complex concepts using a series of powerful posters with the intent to show how a range of ideas from different research traditions are connected.  The concepts in the posters are taught through recorded video teaching by Dr Cathy Betoin

Who is the trainer?

Dr Cathy Betoin is a highly experienced practising child clinical psychologist and ex-primary teacher.
Cathy has practised for over 30 years in schools child psychology and CAMHS services with children and families experiencing a wide range of challenges

Additional Notes

The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is not intended for those looking for quick tips and fixes for challenging issues with children.  Instead, you will be stepping back to understand what is happening in relationship dynamics at a much deeper level with a focus during this course on your own self-awareness in the key roles that you play

We advise putting time aside to work through the online content over a short period so that you have equipped yourself with the language and concepts.   The content of Step 3-5 builds on Step 1-2 and is best progressed soon after Step 1-2 training.

The Modules covered build on the Level 2-3  Course

The extended journey provides more resources intended to deepen and extend understanding.

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the Extended Journey you will be able to:
  • Use an I Matter Approach to support work with more complex situations
  • Understand how to apply developmental thinking
  • Understand how to formulate common clinical issues with an I Matter Relationship Health Formulation