I Matter Relationship Health Extended Journey

The Extended Journey: Theory to Practice Course:  Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

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The I Matter Extended Journey Course is intended for professionals and parents-carers who want to deepen and extend their understanding of how to put theory into practice with a Relationship Health Practice in more complex situations.  Downloadable additional resources are also provided.

The Extended Journey course elaborates on the content introduced in the Step 1- 5 applies the ideas to a range of more complex situations and issues.  The Extended Journey ensures exposure to the language of I Matter and provides a preparation for Practitioner Certification

PLEASE NOTE: The resources offered through the Extended learning journey are protected for personal development purposes and are not for copying, distributing or use in professional roles.  The focus is on developing your own insight and confidence in everyday situations.  Those interested in training to be a practitioner can apply to practitioner training and work for certification.

The Modules covered build on the Step 1-5 and the Wheel Course

The extended journey provides more resources intended to deepen and extend understanding.

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the Extended Journey you will be able to:
  • Use an I Matter Approach to support work with more complex situations
  • Understand how to apply developmental thinking
  • Understand how to formulate common clinical issues with an I Matter Relationship Health Formulation


The purpose of Fundamentals and Step 1-2 online training is to equip you to understand the I Matter Framework and its implications for your own role and your personal and professional development.    To join the extended Journey please contact us

Course Name  Element Focus  Day Freq Times Sessions  Start Dates Start 
 Facilitator  Places FULL?
Mixed Weds Monthly 5.00-6.00 5
Week 4
 Sept    8  
Mixed Thurs



5 Week 1 & 4
 Sept    8  

Extended Intermediate  Mixed Thurs



5 Week 2 & 4 Sept   8  
Extended Advanced Mixed Thurs



5 Week 1 & 3 Sept   8