Advanced Applications 

Helping You to Help Children Who are Struggling -  with Theory made Practical


In the Advanced Stage of training we take a close look at the applications of the I Matter Framework to a wide range of everyday clinical practice issues.

The format of this training is a little different and will be put together collaboratively based on participants live practice experiences.

The application of this thinking   is more and more important and yet there are many professionals and parents who support children and families who do not have a good enough understanding of the dynamic processes involved in children's development 


Suitable for:  Parents and professionals who have completed Foundation and Intermediate trainingin the full range of roles with children with additional social emotional needs in direct and indirect roles where a consistent and longer plan is needed to build skills in a systematic fashion.:  GPs, Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, Heads, Teachers, TA, HLTA, Nursery and College staff, Health Visitor, School nurses, Social workers, Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Police, Probation Workers 

Pre-requisites:  Completion of Intermediate as minimum

Advanced Learning Outcomes    Applications of the I Matter Framework  

By the end of this course you will:

1. Have explored a wide range of applications of I Matter to advanced practice issues
2. Explored an issue of your own choice and presented your learning and reflections with colleagues.

Study Support Options
Self Paced Forum support OR
3 months of Live fortnightly Q&A (min 6 sessions) 
6 weeks of 1:1 short/longer calls (extra fee)

Course based on completion in 1 term or 3-4 months

On completion of this course you will receive:
An attendance certificate for 10 hours I Matter Training for your CPD file or CV

What comes after Advanced Training?
After Advanced Training you can complete your Stage 2 Licensed I Matter Practitioner certification

For Certification: You will submit your completed log book and then complete a 1 hour discussion of your learning.


Welcome to an important and exciting learning journey!

Remember that The I Matter Advanced Stage course is again not just a set of lessons and resources. It is not something just to get done - it is an experience to savour...You can become part of a supportive and enthusiastic group of professionals and parents who are working together in the Kendal and Morecambe Bay area to create a new approach to supporting children and families

Dr Cathy Betoin - Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent