I Matter Consultations
Guided Relationship Health Recovery

I Matter Consultations and Guided Relationship Health Recovery

The I Matter Framework offers a really practical method of thinking through challenging situations so that professionals and parents and young people can find a clear way forward that makes sense and is likely to deliver best results as regards healthier and happier adult-child relationships.  

An understanding of the I Matter Framework brings confidence because it is built upon a careful integration of decades of research and evidence.   In particular this research shows that healthy happy relationships are key to mental health and wellbeing at all ages.  However somehow the issue or relationship health has been overlooked.  Hence this project. 

As participants study the I Matter Framework through participation in the I Matter Challenge Award Scheme we see that their personal confidence in using these key ideas starts to grow.    Nonetheless when challenges increase or are more complex then a consultation process or support from a Lead Professional or an Advanced Practitioner can be very helpful.    Sometimes when difficulties are more long standing then a supportive longer term guiding process can be very important.

In an I Matter consultation an I Matter Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner will work with you to bring the insights of the I Matter Framework to the task of helping you think through current challenges so that you can find a way forward with some next steps on issues that are of concern.

There is therefore an expectation that those taking part in consultations with I Matter Lead Professionals or Advanced Practitioners have committed to the learning journey offered in the I Matter Challenge Courses. When participants commit to learning themselves we see much better faster learning and results.

At present consultations are only offered in the Kendal Integrated Care Community area.   However we are working hard in our local community to develop the I Matter Challenge and the training structure for professionals so that more Advanced Practitioners will become available. 

If you are a professional interested in training or a parent linked to a member school please get in touch.