I Matter Journey:  Certification Track

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

The culmination of an I Matter training Journey is mastery of the role of Facilitator, Lead Professional or I Matter Advanced Practitioner, and recognition as an expert in your field.

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Becoming a Certified I Matter Facilitator or Lead Professional, Lead Plus Supervisor, or Advanced Practitioner are significant steps in your I Matter journey as a career focussed Relationship Health Practitioner.  You will master how to help families and communities create greater confidence  meaning and connection in their relationships, and you will expand and reinforce your understanding of I Matter Framework Practice, building off of everything you’ve learned through your professional training and/or clinical work to date.

When you start the Certification Track as a Trainee, we aim to match you with a Senior Certified Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner who will coach you through the certification process and help you implement the I Matter Facilitator, I Matter Lead or I Matter Advanced Practice roles successfully in your setting or practice.

The Supporting Others Full Certification Track is a modular training process, that equips professionals to train to support a variety of applications of the I Matter Journey.  We work only with experienced professionals who must have organisational and clinical supervisory support. Participants join each module as a Trainee and must meet the required standards as a Trainee to be certified at that level and progress to the next stages.  Full Certification involves completion of the 3 core modules and 2-4 optional modules.

Phase 1: Core Modules of Supporting Others Training  - Everyday Needs
+ Module 1: Supporting I Matter Awareness Programme 
+ Module 2: Supporting I Matter Core Programme - Everyday Needs

You will recruit and gain experience of supporting a small group of participants with everyday needs through the relevant programmes and will write up an evaluation of your learning and of the change processes you observe.  You are not expected to work with complex or escalated cases during the first stage of training. For each module you will need an experienced I Matter supervisor who will help you work with appropriate cases.

The details of the certification programme are currently in development in partnership with member organisations.