Certification Options

Develop Your I Matter Skills so that you can support others with an Adult-Child Well-Being I  Matter Approach


Would you like to Work More Confidently With Challenging Adult-Child or Adult-Adult Relationships?

Why not train to become more effective as an Adult-Child Practitioner?
Why not equip yourself to support your community or school or service?


COVID- 19 Update.  Due to the urgency of the current needs we are currently looking for professionals who want to support their own community of parents-carers through a fast-track approach.   You should be someone with experience who has a natural interest and skills in connecting with parents in a wide range of circumstances,  You should have strong references from your employing body or local organisations.

There is a huge problem in the area of adult-child relationship health in the UK which is impacting on a full raft of priority concerns

+ Educational outcomes
+ Physical health outcomes
+ Mental Health outcomes
+ Safer communities

There are two big problems in this area of practice.

i) A lack of fit for purpose training - and

ii) A lack of supportive structures for child and family professionals to practice safely within.


If you're like most practitioners who work with children:  teachers, teaching assistants, therapists and counsellors, you have not received much training at all to work with adult-child relationships.  Often you get none at all!   The focus is commonly on working just with the child - sometimes it is just on managing behaviour - with the parent as a bit of an add on sitting outside in the waiting room...

Have you seen that?


So, given that you've probably not had much training specifically to work with challenging adult-child relationships, it makes sense you and your organisation will feel unsure of how to work with them effectively and anxious when the subject comes up

The truth is that many professionals who work with children turn away from working with challenging behaviour or with adult-child relationship issues because they don't feel confident in working with these issues.

This is a terrible shame as good adult-child relationship health is key and skilled practice is in high demand and your setting will be much more attractive and effective if you have highly developed skills in this area.   Funders and parents are willing to pay generously in order to work with practitioners with these insights skills.

So with I Matter Training you can transform your own confidence and the confidence of your own organisation too. The Advanced Practice and Clinical Training in I Matter will give you clarity in your child and family work and all the tools you need to become a competent, confident adult-child advanced practitioner in a competent confident I Matter Informed school or service.


In Phase 1 you become I Matter Informed

+ Introductions
+ First Steps - Taster Course and I Matter Framework Intensive 
+ Foundation A - Consolidation of Theory to Practice
+ Intermediate A - Thinking Developmentally
+ Advanced - Applications of I Matter 


In Phase 2 we offer Certification Routes based on supported practice 

In Phase 2 you can gain supervised practice that supports your current employed roles. 

In each role one you will deepen your understanding of how to use our tools and resources to enable you to work flexibly with challenging relationships so as to restore confidence and connection




On completion of each Certification Stage participants who fulfil the criteria will have a statement of competence as follows

Senior Link Certification – Competent to support embedding of an I Matter approach in own setting with children, staff and parents
Link Certification – Competent to provide an informed referral pathway & informal support for parents and professionals in your network
Community Well-Being Wheel Certification - Competent to support the Community Wheel Network & support wellbeing plans
Child Practitioner Certification – Competent to use tools and approach in direct roles with children and YP of varied ages  
Link Plus Certification - Embedding Practice – competent to support use of developmental assessments across own setting with other staff 
Lead Professional Certification – competent to offer 1:1 & small group support for First Steps, Foundation, Intermediate courses
Advanced Practitioner – competent to complete in-depth assessments of complex cases and guide care package and locality practice  


School and Service Based Practitioners Offer

The training for Level 1-3 practitioners can be funded out of your CPD budgets and pupil premium

Level 1. Child Practitioner: Confident Practice with Children who are Struggling

Level 2. Parent Link: Confident practice developing a parent facing strategy 

Level 3 Link Plus: Confident practice with embedding thinking in your team

Lead Practitioners Offer

 Level 4 Lead practitioners run supported courses for in-house professionals, parents & young people supported by school & parent funds

Approved Workshops and Consultations for In-house Staff Team

Approved Workshops and Consultations for In-house Parents and Carers

Approved Workshops and Consultations for Children & Young People

 Advanced Practitioners offer

Advanced practitioners - Level 5 - are recruited carefully with the support of community engagement from a locality patch

In depth assessments for children who are struggling and families

Opportunities for extended support with a experienced Guide

Help to Join up School and Home Thinking with Children who Struggle


I Matter Senior Link

Senior Links are key to the success of any local I Matter Project.  The expectations are those of the standard Link role.  However they hold a position of more influence in the organisation.   They supports the Link or Lead Professional and ensures that the I Matter actions are embedded in the school or service development planning

I Matter Child and Young Person Practitioner

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I Matter Link Professional

I Matter Link Practitioners work with us to provide an informed referral pathway for parents who are ready to learn whist remaining part of the informal support network around the family.   Link Professionals operate at two levels:   Link 1 have completed Foundation Training and have a focus on typical parenting with everyday challenges.   Link 2 Professionals have also completed Intermediate Training and are equipped to understand the support needs of more complex and escalated situations. Link 1 and Link 2 work with Leads and Advanced Practitioners to support parents who are beginning to explore an i Matter Approach.   

In the course of Link training you will gain experience of:
+ Using the informal I Matter Q and readiness for change assessments to help you think about supporting parents 
+ Supporting parents informally and in thinking about their own role and in accessing online learning
+ Evidence your work informally supporting 3 parents who are expressing mild moderate concerns

Link Practitioners should usually work with supervision from an I Matter Lead pr Advanced Clinical Practitioner.   To qualify as a Certified I Matter Link Practitioner you must take part in a preparation induction, a weekly diary and a monthly check in.   You must also gather together a portfolio of your informal work with parents in your setting with a variety of needs and challenges exploring the process of relationship building and engagement.  You must have informed senior leadership support.

Link practitioners may apply to support Lead Professionals in running online and face to face study support


You can help parents access I Matter training as a licensed referral route.

The role of the Link Professional is therefore to:
i) Be a named person and a referrer for a parent-carer - preferably one who also knows the child
ii) Be someone we could contact if we had any concerns in the course of the referred parents study process
iii) Provide informal interest in progress through the course - a friendly phone call or text or a coffee
iv) Take part in the half termly Link Network sessions to help us ensure high quality practice
v)  Be listed on our directory as a Link Practitioner

The role of the Link is NOT to run formal support sessions or in any way teach I Matter
Link professionals can support Lead Professionals. 
They can also apply to be part of our study support team for centrally run study support

A parent taking part in a course with support of a Link Professional will
i) Provide the name of the Link professional
ii) Access the study support element directly via us
iii) Payments can be settled through a variety of options

Training expectations of Link Professionals
i) Link 1 Professionals must complete Foundation A and B training and Link Training
ii) Link 2 Professionals must complete Intermediate A and preferably B and Link 2 Training
ii) They must take part in the Link Professionals network (half termly session and forum)
iii) Links should have an outline plan setting out the intended focus of their Link role for the coming year that has been agreed with us and with senior links if in an organisation setting and reviewed regularly
iv) Links can refer a maximum of 3 parents-carers in any one half term to the First Steps or Foundation training

How to become a Link 1 or Link 2 Professional
You should have fulfilled the pre-requisite course requirements and then make an application using our application form (please request) providing clear information about the members of your SLT support team and the focus area that you want to work on.  Link professionals must have an active annual membership (which can be included in the cost of Link Training


I Matter Link Plus - embedding developmental thinking 

I Matter Link2 -Link Plus Practitioners work with us to use their I Matter training to take a life span view of their own organisations and to support colleagues with their adult skills and developmental thinking with children who challenge.   The focus is on embedding developmental thinking and on supportig staff.  Level 3 practitioners must have completed Foundation and Intermediate stages and Advanced Level 1 and 2.   You will gain experience:
+ Working with staff supporting children with a variety of needs and challenges
+ Learn how to use I Matter assessments to help adults in your setting focus on key priorities
+ Evidence your work with 3 other inhouse professionals who are supporting children

To qualify as a Certified LInk Plus Practitioner you must take part in a preparation induction, a weekly diary and a half termly check in.  You must also gather together a portfolio of work demonstrating how you are embedding developmental thinking with children and staff with a variety of needs and challenges.   You must have informed senior leadership support.

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training can be taken one after the other or synchronously

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You can offer in-house small group study support for the  First Steps training 

The role of the Lead Professional is  to:
i) Lead inhouse study support sessions for professionals and for parent-carers on an agreed plan
ii) Liase with us and deliver courses according to our guidelines
iii) Work with the Senior Leadership team to ensure that the project is embedded in school development thinking
iv) Leads should run study support for inhouse parents and professionals with group sizes of 6 or less.

The Lead should NOT to act beyond their own professional credentials.  Study support is not therapy.
Lead professionals can be supported by Link Professionals but are ALSO Link professionals.
They can therefore also refer parents or professionals and can apply to be part of our study support team for centrally run study support

Courses accessed by parents-carers with the support of a Lead Professional are charged at a substantial discount as the cost of the study support is provided inhouse

A parent taking part in a course with support of a Lead Professional will
i) Provide the name of the Lead professional at registration
ii) Access the online course
ii) Pay the cost of the course direct to us or via the school
iv) Access group support sessions via the Lead 

Training expectations of Lead Professionals
i) Lead Professionals must complete Foundation A and B training, Link Training and Intermediate training and have an active participation in Lead training network
ii) They must take part in the Link and Leads Professionals network (2 x each half term plus forum)

How to become a Lead Professional
To become a Lead Professional you should have fulfilled the pre-requisite course requirements and then should make an application using our application form (please request) providing clear information about the members of your SLT support team and the focus area that you want to work on 

What Can Advanced Practice Training In an I Matter Approach Offer You?

  • A clear model for working in complex school-home systems with challenging adult-child relationships
  • A locality based method of addressing deep divides in health and education and community practice
  • A deep theory of the interconnected nature of relationships, health and development
  • A tried and tested method for helping adults and children into better healthier connection successfully
  • A way of extending your existing practice into more effective work with families
  • An opportunity to become a highly sought after and respected adult-child I Matter practitioner
  • A certification as a qualified adult-child I Matter practitioner
  • An opportunity for self improvement and growth
  • A mechanism for improving your own personal relationships
  • Membership of a growing community of I Matter Advanced Practitioners in the UK and World Wide