First Online Professional I Matter Class!

Time is running out to register to take part in the first I Matter Online Training Course running in the first half term of 2014.

Due to level of expressed interest, I have decided to open some additional reduced fee places - still offered in exchange for good quality feedback 

On completion of the course participants will:
1. Understand what is meant by a complex child, and what is meant by well-being in the I Matter Project
2. Demonstrate a deeper awareness of why complex children behave the way they do.
3. Have a practical back to basics integration of well-established theory and practices to support decision making.
4. Demonstrate awareness of the impact of their own attitudes and behaviours on the well-being and outcomes for complex children.
5.  Demonstrate increased understanding of why self-awareness, and self-care is essential for those who live or work with complex children.

Don't hang about!    Click here to apply;    Closing date 15th December for Free places and 20th December for reduced fee places.


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