Child Health Outcomes? Elephant in the classroom?


It can be truly alarming.   The evidence about child health outcomes is everywhere you look. We have such large numbers of stressed out children who are difficult to teach.   Such large numbers of stressed out teachers, and such large numbers of confused parents who have given up trying to hold the reins. 

Yet instead of stopping to take collective stock and ask a few basic questions about what might be happening and why and about our community priorities, the answer seems to be to offer more and more curriculum directives, accept more and more exclusions, insist on more and more and more paperwork and risk assessments, all eating away at the time and motivation that is required to do the very thing that could make the biggest difference.    

We have too many children in our schools and communities who cannot manage because of what we as adults are currently providing.  Our children need us adults to stop for a moment and think.   There is an elephant in the room, by the name of child development.  There is some key well-established evidence on what children need from adults to be able to thrive.    How much longer will we choose to ignore it?   

You however could be an adult who is willing to learn and an adult who is then willing and able to take action in your home or work setting to help yourself and the children you care for.   If you are potentially such an adult, why not click to check out I Matter Foundation Training?

Dr Cathy Betoin,  Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent   www.imatterproject.com


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