Assessment and Recommendations Service

For Children, Young People and Adults


If you have been looking for help for your child for a while then this must be a challenging time. 

How can you know what to focus on if you are not sure where you are starting from?

We specialise in helping parents and professionals where difficulties for a focus child have been present for over 9 months and what has been tried to date has not yet seemed to help.

All extended I Matter Journey's start with our specialist Assessment and Recommendation Process.  The assessments are offered by Dr Cathy Betoin drawing on her training as a clinical psychologist and teacher.    

The assessment and recommendations process is intended to help parents and carers gain a better understanding of the current concerns with a view to finding the best way forward.   We offer a two stage process with an initial questionnaire followed by several types of assessment and recommendations package


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Finding the Way Forward for Children and Teenagers and Adults 

Assessment and Recommendations

Consultation Only

Sometimes you need to talk things through in order to figure out if you need to take a concern more seriously. This is a 90min one off consultation with brief recommendations.
£150 - 2 adults

Checking Out the Approach

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you should be concerned or not.  This learning package gives you and a family member a chance to get some brief advice and some initial learning
£300 - 2 adults

Core Starter Learning

This package provides you and a family member with an in-depth consultation and recommendations and some First Steps Learning with a review at the end of First Steps to consider next steps.
£500 - 2 adults

Comprehensive Starter

This package offers an in-depth process of working with you to understand your child's needs at home and at school including a review of diagnostic questions and First Steps learning.
£1000 - 2 adults

Bespoke Specialist Assessment

This package includes all the elements of the Comprehensive Starter with extended 1:1 support and coaching with the First Steps Course and introducing Foundation learning
On request



+ CONSULT ONLY in-depth questionnaire and 90min consultation with recommendations only (First steps not included)
+ CHECKING - online in-depth questionnaire and brief discussion only before First Steps
+ CORE - online in-depth questionnaire and 90min discussion before First Steps course with review
+ COMPREHENSIVE- online in-depth questionnaire with clinic appointments and home and school visits and diagnostic guidance
+ BESPOKE specialist assessment package - Comprehensive Package plus additional 1:1 support package (eg for ASF, EHCP)

Your First Steps learning in the assessment package is supported by an optional group learning process or by short 1:1 phone check-ins
Your registration questionnaires must be completed before taking part in the First Steps course which is run on a monthly basis. CHECK DATES

We take a careful initial approach to help families understand what the key issues are and what the priorities are in order to make a difference for a child or in relation to a specific issue. The purpose of an initial assessment is to engage with adults and young people affected by difficult circumstances or early life trauma and and their parents and carers, helping everyone learn how to build their confidence and full potential in the context of happier and healthier relationships. The assessment and recommendation services  help you answer questions about

+ relationship health 
+ contributors to current issues
+ potential diagnoses

The in depth assessment and recommendations can be offered as a stand alone service or can be complemented with and followed by 

  • Further supported  I Matter Training - equipping you to find a way forward
  • Training for school staff 
  • Confidence building for young people

Where funds permit, the bespoke assessment can support

  • A more detailed exploration of diagnostic questions
  • Post Adoption Support Plans
  • EHCP Plan support
  • Joined up home-school thinking
  • Therapeutic Child Care Consultancy

To find out more, please contact us