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I Matter Training Limited is run as a social enterprise.  We have a clear social mission.  We run at cost and return any profits into the development of our capacity to provide training.

Though we work hard to make the costs of our training affordable, we know however that this is a difficult time for organisations and families and we know that the costs of I Matter training can be challenging for some parents and professionals (see outline prices below).

So we have developed a termly bursary system to make it easier for those who are motivated to trake part in training to be able to obtain help with the costs of their training in exchange for some commitment to fund raising for the parents and professionals who will be needing training the following term.

In addition to fund raising that is organised via schools and via their Parent Teacher Associations, we also fund raise every term for two bursary funds for the coming term.  We have two bursary funds and a projects fund

I Matter Parent-Carer Education bursary fund

I Matter Professional Education bursary fund

I Matter Special Projects

Therefore every term we know in advance how much we can offer to professionals and parents who are seeking help with their training.   We don't however offer any 100% bursaries

Parents or professionals may choose to pay the 100% fee of the next stage of their training or they can apply for

+ a 25% bursary

+ a 50% bursary

+ a 75% bursary

The bursary is offered on the understanding that the amount will be raised during the life of that training phase through fund raising efforts of various kinds - including the use of this Go Fund Me link shared with family and friends and other networks

Those who obtain a bursary are therefore asked to share their learning with potential doners to our bursary fund for the next term.  We ask each person to aim to get at least the amount that they were offered as a bursary but we are very happy to receive more as this enables us to increase the number of professionals and parents that we can support.

Donate to the I Matter Professional Education Fund

Donate to the I Matter Parent-Carer Education Fund

Training Costs - Professionals

Foundation A - From Confusion to Clarity online theory course and study support - £300   

Foundation B - Theory to Practice  - online interactive coaching- £200

Intermediate A - Thinking Developmentally online theory course and study support - £300

Intermediate B - Nurturing Growth - online interactive coaching £200

Advanced courses - TBC

Personalised supervision - £90/hr

Training Costs - Parents - Carers

    Foundation A Part 1 - £150

    Parent Foundation extra - online coaching £200

    Foundation A Part 2 - £150

    I Matter Community Membership - £120 pa

More Intensive support for parents

I Matter Q - Initial consultation - £120

Detailed home-school assessment - £500

Foundation course with Package of 5 x 1hr consultations - £500

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

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