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The I Matter Relationship Health Podcast

Welcome to The I Matter Relationship Health Podcast 

This Podcast is all about Journeys and conversations in the world of relationship health and Practice.  

You will find stories and ideas to inspire you as you look for the way forward in your home and work roles. 

There will be bits from my upcoming book, snippets from live Q&A calls, and reflections on conversations I have had with others in the course of my week

Start at Episode One or dip in and out as you choose. 

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Podcast Library

Episode #1

COVID and our I Matter Journey?

COVID invited us all to do some rethinking.

This was some reflections recorded at the start of the first lock down

Episode #2

Jenny's Journey:  A parent view

Many families arrive at the I Matter Project feeling in a place of overwhelm and despair 

However when they look back a lot has changed

Episode #3

A GP's I Matter Journey  with the Kendal Integrated Care Community

I Matter is for professionals and for parents.
This is my interview with Dr Amy Lee about  our local I Matter Journey

Episode #4

Despondency and the Impasse

Have you ever found yourself feeling discouraged? 

This was some reflections with my colleague Jacqui on the experience of the Impasse