What I plan to write about


The excitement about having your own blog is that you can write about whatever you want...  And you can go hunting for the perfect picture!   

This one jumped out at me today - she looks a lot younger than me (!) but I liked this image because she looks as if she is enjoying the process of thinking, and is about to enjoy the process of writing and this is how I am feeling right now.   

I have committed myself to writing a regular blog about........well that is the question....... I think I would like this blog to be based on the material that has inspired me over the years as I studied psychology, then education and then clinical psychology, and looked for material that would be really practical in helping me approach the challenges that arose in my professional and personal life around children with complex needs.   There is a lot of material!   

I was looking at my bookshelves the other day at all the amazing books that I have read over the years and I got really excited at the prospect of being able to explore and share some of what I have learned using this medium.  

The I Matter Project is simply my attempt to draw all these ideas together into some sort of practical framework that can help front-line professionals and parents who are wondering which way to travel, but I still a sense of excitement when I look at the original works.   What excites me is that people from widely differing traditions and disciplines are starting to converge on similar conclusions.    I get a buzz when people get a burst of insight for themselves that takes them forward!

I think this is going to be fun!    So what activities give you a buzz?!   Can you make some time for them?


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