Why I love my logo!

I really love my logo!   It was designed for me by Ronnie Mullin at Mullin Design in Kendal, UK and it just sums up perfectly what I Matter is all about.    I get to use my logo lots on this site, or on letters and reports and each time I use it it feels good!

The logo shows adults and children with steps as in the way of ladders and this in essence is what I believe has to be the starting point in any work with complex children.   Both adults and children are learning.   

More than this, I believe that the logo represents the sense that the learning is in built to everything - it is not something separate that we move to and then come back to our ordinary lives.  The opportunities for learning are literally everywhere in every moment.  

I Matter is about bringing the learning into the day to day relationship experiences and processes.  What that means is that this is a constant and active approach.   We do not have therapeutic experiences just inside therapy offices, we have the opportunity in the everyday moments in which we tussle with our children as they grow up and we do our best to become the adults that they are needing us to be.

If you are open to learning and growing, do get in touch!   There is a lot to learn but this learning can help increase your confidence and your clarity.    And with more confidence and clarity the rewards increase too, even inside the most challenging experiences.


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