Yay! The I Matter Project is now a Social Enterprise!

Cathy Betoin Training Ltd is a limited company, registration number 07570100, that I set up to administer the work of the I Matter Project.  

In November 2014  Cathy Betoin Training Ltd formally and legally became a social enterprise.  As someone who has trained within the public sector and been deeply committed to the public sector values this was a transition that was dear to my heart.  

A Social Enterprise is defined according to 3 criteria:

i) There is a social mission - the mission of this project is to provide mental health education for professionals, parents, and young people
ii) More than 50% of income is earned through trading products and services
iii) Profits are reinvested in the work of the business.  

I hope that this important status will reassure those who are considering work with this project to feel reassured about the value base on which this work is progressing. 

Still not very keen on the name itself so maybe I can change that one day.



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