I Matter - September 2019 Update

September 2019 has been an exciting unexpected very hardworking month!

On the 19th September we hosted a multiagency conference funded by Morecambe Bay CCG sharing some of the I Matter Framework learning from Kendal ICC


The intention was to explore with a multidisciplinary group the question of what the evidence is really telling us about children's wellbeing, with a view to asking the group to reflect together on what the policy and practice direction shifts need to be to make a meaningful impact.

We had a good turn out with 25 professionals representing different organisations and agencies.   Now we are looking forward to a follow-up on the 14th November where we will be drilling into the implications of the I Matter Framework for everyday practices in our communities.

The conference all had a slightly last minute feel due to the timing at the start of term but there were some other good reasons for this and one key reason was that at the end of August just when I thought I had everything in order for the new term, the universe had delivered two unexpected twists and two wonderful gifts...


The first was that I discovered Kindle self-publishing tools.   Have you ever had an idea that you are struggling to bring to life because there seem like just too many details to get right?

The I Matter Framework book has been sitting as a draft manuscript in my online filing system for a very long time - in fact I feel a little embarrassed at how long it has been sitting there.   I just somehow couldn't get over the hill of deciding exactly how to write it...

Then I discovered Kindle self-publishing - when I saw an example of what another author had done.  The look and feel  seemed a perfect pitch and the investment was so unbelievably reasonable that suddenly it didn't matter so much. It seemed I could have a go and get something to hold in my hand and it didn't have to be completely finished - it was good enough and nonetheless finally into some form of existence!   

So the I Matter Framework Book (draft) now exists (click here to see a photo).    It cost me £3.50 per copy so I got 20 printed and now they are out for feedback from friends and colleagues.  

What a relief to finally get something into form!   Please let me know if you are interested in giving me some feedback!


The other gift was a platform - Simplero - that is going to make it much easier to share I Matter thinking with more people - once I fully learn to master the details

It came about through following up a link that I had had sitting on my desk for a while and had nearly put in the bin.

I can't tell you what an amazingly wonderful thing it is to be sending you this newsletter from something so well designed and intuitive for people like me.

Some of you will be aware that the bringing into law of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulations) over 18 months ago had a very big impact on the work of the I Matter Project and is one of the reasons that progress became slowed in this last period

The impact of GDPR was not just the need to review all my own procedures but also because GDPR had a big impact on several of the IT services that I was using - and led to a sumersaulting and complete redesign of some that had been central and key.   

Everyone is learning in this new digital world that we are a part of - and under the hood the design issues really matter 

However the result of this disruption for my very small operation was that EVERYTHING had to be revisited.  Work that I thought was completed had to be done again, not just once but several times as everyone readjusted systems. 

Finally things are settling down and now it seems I finally have a platform that is going to help me share the I Matter Framework with others having confidence in the tools and how they can help us achieve the important discussion and reflection that is so so key. to any process of improving Adult-Child relationship health and wellbeing.

With this tool I am able to replace several systems with things in ONE Place - YAY YAY YAY

And with this tool I am going to be able to offer so many of the opportunities that I have dreamed of being able to offer,

So though it has again involved a lot of work, it is very exciting to have tools fit for purpose! 

In I Matter this is a lovely example of jewels in the not-wants

Have you had any such unexpected jewels in not wants recently?


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