About I Matter Relationship Health Training - Who Should Attend

Learning to care for ourselves, our children, each other and our planet

You do not move on with personal, local and global problems by blaming others.  You start with You.

Who Should Attend

I Matter Training has been carefully designed to provide a safe method of introducing important language and ideas around relationship health through a supportive and therapeutic process based on meaningful relationships with individuals who are motivated to learn how to help themselves and help others – whether children or other adults.

In an I Matter Learning Journey our focus is on helping individuals understand their own part in progressing relationship health.   We therefore encourage participants and expect our facilitators to be committed to being open to the ongoing learning process for themselves.  We believe it only takes one person to make a change for change to happen – though team work is even better

Given the scale of needs for better understanding, we offer training to anyone who has the capacity to learn how to create safe environments and secure relationships for others regardless of qualifications or background.  Informed organisation support is needed to progress interventions inhouse

We are committed to progressing a future where everyone has access to opportunities to learn about relationship health so that they can grow and move beyond limitations and challenges

Fivesteps to success

What changes do we focus on?

I Matter Relationship Health Training is advocating for some cultural shifts in the way that we talk about wellbeing.
We shift the focus to what individuals can do in their own roles and settings to make a difference

+ Parents and Carers - in their own families with children and partners as well as their manner of working with schools
+ Professionals - in their own services including the attitudes to working with adults and young people and colleagues- as well as at home
+ Young people - in their own homes and schools and with their friendships
+ Senior Leaders - in their approach to leadership and in their organisation development plans and priorities

Study support for I Matter Training can be offered by certified practitioners in a range of settings

Health Care
Childrens Services