Who is I Matter Training and an I Matter Challenge for ? 

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I Matter Relationship Health Training and an I Matter Challenge for work or home roles is for anyone who wants to understand more and improve their own confidence in challenging work situations and in the role they can play to make a difference via relationships with young people and adults>

It is particularly intended for those who want to feel well prepared and well equipped to manage the stresses of a demanding role and are determined to learn about what they can do to make a difference..

For Home Roles

For Work Roles, You could be:

+ A professional in a high pressure or demanding role who wants to support their own wellbeing
+ A professional who works with children in direct roles (eg a teacher, TA, or youth worker) or indirect roles (eg a Health Visitor, pastoral lead)
+ A professional who works with children and families in indirect roles (eg a teacher, TA, or youth worker) or indirect roles (eg a Health Visitor, pastoral lead)
+ A senior leader in an organisation that wants to progress a relationship health skills development strategy

In addition you could be Interested in
+ Preparing for a role or interested in preventing difficulties
+ Strengthening relationships
+ Building foundations for recovery
+ General education

We would like to share this training widely.  However at present we are a small company in the Kendal, South Lakes area.
We are working with health and education and community professionals to find new ways to share this thinking.

A key and very important point is that training in the I Matter Framework is not intended to replace other very good interventions.  Instead the intention is to help organise ideas you may already know quite a lot about into a coherent whole that makes more sense, so that you can be more confident and effective in your role.  I Matter training aims to help you get the foundation stones in place and to help you identify the gaps you may have in your understanding that are tripping you up. .

In just a few weeks (with one of our entry level training) you or your team members could have gained key clarity around some unshakeable foundations that will help you to help one or more children or other adults who are struggling or challenging in your work or home setting. 


We make a distinction between learning the ideas of the I Matter Framework and putting them into practice so you can see results
So an I Matter Challenge is for you if you:

  • Are going into a challenging role and want to be well equipped before you start
  • Struggling to know how to help a child or adult that you care for who is challenging - in a work or home role - or both?
  • Unclear what to prioritise and why to make a difference ?
  • Uncertain how to get school-home relationships or family onto a shared way of thinking?
  • And determined... determined to learn and hang in there so that or until important details shift.. however long that needs to be

The secret to offering better quality practice for children and young people, is making sure that you are well-informed and in a relationship with your child and with other key adults, that is as happy and healthy as possible.  This will help you be a force for good in their life

Our Entry Level courses will help you answer one very important first question that most people want addressed:   
Why do children or adults struggle and what do I need to best do to help?

If you’re serious about making a difference for the child or other you are concerned about then training in the I Matter Framework will offer you essential foundations of child development that will fast track your understanding and help you or your team so that you: 

  • know how to assess what the core priorities are that need attention and how to monitor progress
  • create experiences and opportunities for your child that will support their social-emotional development
  • gain a supportive community that wants to help you succeed in your important mission.
  • help you gain skills to work with us to help you support others in gaining these key understandings

We want to see a world in which professionals and parents who are looking for help can find well informed guidance much more readily than at present.


I Matter Relationship Health Training and the I Matter Challenge is designed as a step by step Learning Journey experience.  Everybody's journey is different.  There is also always more to learn, even when you have been studying a while.  The content builds steadily through the Learning Journey and is designed carefully to help individuals build supportive communities that helps them work with others to help their child or others in their own community

Professionals start with making an enquiry and then, subject to fit and the availability of places, joining one of programmes

Wherever possible we encourage professionals to train as a cluster to include at least one senior leader as this learning together provides vital local support for your next steps. To support this principle we offer a schools and services an I Matter Schools and Service Starter package..

Parents access our courses via licensed member schools and services who work with us to provide the scheduled class programme with study support that is adapted to local needs and building on active ongoing relationships with parents and child.   Parents typically start with the I Matter Challenge.

Wherever possible we recommend scheduled courses which combine online learning and personalised support. However where this is not available we do offer self-paced  courses open to professionals or parents linked to member schools and services

Online Intensive Training can be completed via an Intensive Fast Paced Route (6-8 weeks - around 4 hours a week with an intensive preparation stage covering the content in the I Matter Challenge) or at a slower Pace (8-16 weeks around 2hrs a week with a slower preparation stage)

The study process can be complemented with different levels of study support depending on your circumstances.

If you have completed a stage, you can progress to the next or if you want to take a pause you can take out a subscription 

If you want to supplement your core learning with additional support from others we encourage you to take a wholistic view and are building a team


I Matter training is for people who want to understand the WHY not just the WHAT of caring for children who are struggling.  I Matter Training offers clear explanations of the conclusions of many years of research about what helps children to thrive.  It is therefore for senior leaders and professionals from a full range of disciplines and organisations AND for parents and carers and young people.   It is relevant for everyday needs AND higher pressure needs and challenges. 

The I Matter Framework offers a universal integrated theoretical approach (that sounds a bit of a mouthful!).  It can support an informed preventative strategy not just a reactive approach.  It is for anyone who wants to understand more children's needs to include insight into stress and trauma and brain development and child development and the adult role and what to do about it.  I Matter Training and the I Matter Challenge is for anyone who is really committed to being the best they can be for their children in their professional or personal roles

I Matter training is for professionals from a full range of disciplines who work with children and families, and other adults (GP's Headteachers, Teachers, Social Workers, Psychologists, Health VIisitors, School Nurses etc) and parents with children with a full range of needs and challenges.  Our key current focus is on work to join up thinking between education and health so we are particularly interested to support GP localities working with school clusters.


However I Matter Training for informed practice can be offered as part of staff well-being training.  Professionals and parents who have enrolled in I Matter Training say the investment has significantly increased their own clarity and confidence as a professional and as a parent focussing on the significance of their own role and wellbeing


The benefits of the training for you and your team include the following:

You'll gain and strengthen the courage and confidence to stand clear on what is needed to help your child or children in your setting.

You'll have a road map that helps you quickly know how to address everyday challenges

You’ll bring all of your strengths and talents into creating the relationship with your child you most want

And you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and interact with your friends and family, saying with complete confidence, “I am a very effective professional or parent doing a really good job with my important role”


The I Matter Learning Journey Is NOT for Everyone.   It is not for anyone wanting a quick fix.  There is a lot of careful thinking involved

The I Matter Learning Journey Is NOT for Everyone.

This action oriented learning —Your longer I Matter Journey — is ideal for professionals and parents who are ready to commit to building their own confidence and with some urgency instead of someday.

  • You are highly committed and ready to invest time and energy into being successful in your own role.
  • You are action oriented and won’t let fear or uncertainty stop you from trying things .
  • You have lots of good reasons why these skills are some of the most important you want to learn.
  • You’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and of going round in circles.
  • You are ready and able to dedicate time to complete the work involved in transformational learning experience.
  • You are ready to leverage the wisdom of the I Matter Framework in your work and home life

Please save your money if any of these statements below sound like you!

If You Think: “Relationship health isn't that important to me.”

The Truth Is: If you’re happy with relationships being not that great then this training is not for you. You must actively want a happier healthier relationship with your child and with others to do well with the I Matter  system.

If You Think: “I will fit in the learning sometime or other after all the other tasks are done”

The Truth Is: Not giving this learning process a priority will mean that time will fly past and you will risk not be any further on in your learning or action process weeks or months later.  Your children will have heard it all before and may conclude that you are not serious about the changes you have said you want to make...When you decide to really prioritise your energy on bringing about a healthier happier relationship then your child will sense that this is what you really want and before you know it that relationship will be moving in that direction with things happening that you never imagined possible 

If You Think: “I’m too stressed now to give this the time that is needed.”

The Truth Is: Stress in relationships is THE issue that we ask you to think about in this course.. You don’t need to be completely relaxed but if you are not able to address your own stress levels - in spite of what your child or others is or is not doing - you will not progress. You will quickly learn from the courses everything you need to know but remember that any, coaching and mentoring process is about drawing out your own wisdom, not having the answers given to you - so be prepared to do the work to find out what works with your child

If You Think: “Things are probably OK right now - not too good not too bad”

The Truth Is: If relationships are just about good enough, you might be tempted to settle?  To succeed with getting the best out of this training it’s important  that you jump in ready to determinedly adopt a “try it and see” curious approach to your work and home life and all of the interlinked issues.  If you stay connected to your hope for healthy happy relationships you will be able to learn and grow with your children and deepen the learning experiences even when there are challenges on the way.

If You Think: “My colleagues or friends and family say that spending money on training is a waste of time.”

The Truth Is: Are they as committed as you to personal development and growth?    No?  Then stop listening to them about this!  What you’re going to learn about is knowledge that will help you in every single relationship.  The ideas you will be exploring have emerged time and time again from research about children's wellbeing so this is not just theory but a way of thinking that can help you bring about results. You can do what your friends or family suggest. Or you can commit to making a difference and show them how things can change when you get clear and focussed!


So, are You Ready to   Help Your Child, Help Your Community  and Help Yourself?  


Your investment will depend on the programme that is a fit and that you decide to progress... This will include the online core learning programme and the nature and duration of the study support you access.  The system is designed to offer a range of affordable options but to get results a longer term commitment will be needed.  Learning the ideas is one thing - putting them into practice is where the challenge lies!

What investment will you need to make to transform the confidence of yourself and your team in your work and home roles? 
Your investment will again depend on your situation... and this can be discussed with you on an initial call and/or following an indepth assessment.

Most professionals start with the Level 1.   Parents experiencing escalated challenges or additional needs are encouraged to speak to their Link or Lead professional about a consultation first and may join an awareness class or Fundamentals class first.

After that if you want to go onto deepen your understanding of development or if you want to work towards supporting others you can go onto the next steps

I Matter Training will help ensure that you have strong foundations for your very important roles so that you can develop your own unique skills, passion and competencies knowing that the roots are strong and that you have a strong evidence informed platform for effective work with others.  This will change your everyday experience around your children and help you know that you are helping them put the all important social emotional foundations in place

After helping hundreds of professionals and parents learn the I Matter Framework and about Relationship Health, it is very clear to us that prioritising your own insight and confidence is the single most important decision you’ll make in your work or home life with children. Participation in the training is worth it if only to be walked through the basic ideas of relationship health and an I Matter Approach having someone alongside you to help you gain clarity about the top priorities for your next step

A program with this level of detail would normally cost a lot of money and require you to wade through lots of materials to find the gold. 

Progressing with our step by step system can save you and your team years of heartache and struggle.   Having solid foundations, will transform your approach, your mindset, and the atmosphere of your home or work setting

We have seen over and over again, that when you build on strong foundations of understanding and then apply these strategies to helping any child, the system quickly gives you clarity, focus and a more powerful path to lasting confidence - so much so that you’ll want to refer your colleagues and friends so that they can learn too!.


You and others you are studying with will get a carefully designed step by step systematic approach to thinking about what is happening when you are aiming to address a range of common challenges seen in work and home situations with children and adults

Fast forward - now Imagine your future self…

  • You and your home or work team wake up in the morning, knowing what to do to help children and adults in your family
  • You are enjoying great relationships with your child and others at work and/or at home 
  • You are loving your work and home roles, and are seen as a go to person by others.
  • You are feeling inspired by the projects you are involved in as you know that positive change is possible
  • Others are wanting to learn from you
  • These are just some of the paybacks you’ll experience when you learn to implement principles from this training at work or home.

Practically speaking, if you commit to the learning process, You’ll get:

  • a carefully designed longer term journey with a series of steps
  • the opportunity to listen into discussion of the content
  • opportunities to supplement your learning with other study support
  • Practical visual posters
  • Downloadable tools to help you assess skills and progress 

And you’ll have access to proven expertise to assist you as you go forward

You’ll complete your training with the following results:

  • Clarity about what the priorities are in helping relationship health progress .
  • Deep understanding of the skills that need supporting
  • Confidence that you know how to build those skills
  • The ability to assess and monitor progress in relationship health foundations
  • A supportive community

You may be invited to join our practitioner community

Our certified practitioners have special areas of interest and expertise in applying an I Matter Approach in a range of roles

So, the only way you’re not going to improve your confidence will be if you don’t implement what you learn. This system is an active and fun training experience with every advantage for you to come away with a stake in the ground for a happier healthier experience, empowered to become a leader in your professional role and a active force for good for your children at home 


You will be learning about a way of being around children and adults and in the world, so our focus is not on equipping you to train others but on how you are able to be with others and communicate effectively in a range of everyday challenging situations

We often get asked this question and the answer is important…

This training offers you a personal and professional learning journey.  

We do offer a certification process but this comes much later in the learning journey
The first priority is gaining a deep understanding yourself and learning to think and do things differently
This is like a layers of an onion process - you understand one detail - and then there is another one to grapple with
Often it is the most challenging situations that offer us the greatest opportunities to learn

There are some really lovely resources in I Matter Training but the I Matter Resources are not the point.
When you really grasp what I Matter Training involves you won't need any resources
You will find that you see every day events quite differently
You will see the connections and you will understand your own role
You will find yourself joining up the dots with other things you have learned
We talk a lot about light bulb moments

As you deepen your understanding you will find that opportunities will appear to use your learning
These may be in a formal role in our network
These may be more informal
We hope you will be motivated and inspired to support more insight in your own community
Through being you and showing up in new ways.


You can submit an expression of interest in joining the online programme at anytime.    There is an iniital brief application form to complete. designed to ensure you have thought through your local support options.    We are a small company and hold a waiting list.  We prioritise offers of places to those linked to a Community Hub and member school

We run a rolling programme of Getting Started Workshops to get you started and to help you meet others who are learning the ideas too

The first place to start is to submit an expression of interest and then if appropriate to progress to an initial consultation.


We want you to succeed in getting results.  If you are ready to do the work we want to stick with you till the results appear.   

Our Money Back Guarantee

Your Professional and Parent Confidence Building Training  is RISK-FREE.
We stand behind it with a 100% guarantee. Because we know when you implement the surprisingly simple principles that you’ll learn, you’ll be on your way to success.

You will need to make sure to work through all the sessions and the worksheets and activities and to take part in the recommended group discussion

After that, if you honestly believe you didn’t get things you could use to improve your confidence from this program, e-mail us within 30 days of completing your programme at: contact@imattertraining.com and we’ll gladly refund your money in exchange for your feedback.

That’s how much we believe that this system will be the catalyst that propels you into more understanding and solid foundations for happier and healthier relationships

We really love hearing your success stories because we know that having confidence in your role will make the difference between doing “OK” and having a work and family life that is immensely nourishing 


You can make a difference!

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent
Founder of the I Matter Framework

P.S. Remember, feeling confident in your ability to help a child or adult who is struggling is much EASIER THAN YOU THINK when you follow the steps you’re going to learn 

P.P.S. Are you satisfied with what is happening at work or at home right now? No?  It’s time for a tested approach. You have nothing to lose and a whole new level of confidence recognition and satisfaction to gain.

Here Are Your Sign Up Bonuses…

A useful download for the fridge

A practical decision support tool

This system all starts with your intentions!   That can start anytime

So how you going to spend the weekend in a way that builds your relationships?